My Mind is Blown!!!

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    Ok so this has been the topic of discussion around the Makerspace lounge the past few days, I’ve posted it on my facebook and it keeps generating more facination. I can barely even describe it, so I just suggest reading the article and commenting below.

  • I read that article. Really recommend it. To make is even more surreal just think that animals can only think in pictures. They don’t have words. Makes me wonder how he would process information without a vocabulary.

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    A few observations:

    1. There is a school of thought that states that the human invention of writing has re-wired us to think in words instead of the ‘pictures’ and/or memories we used to use for reasoned thought. Animals still do think and reason this way. There is an argument that man’s disconnection from ‘natural thought’ began with writing and accelerates with the information age, which is abbreviating, acronyming and generally dumbing down even further the ability to eloquently relate complex thoughts or concepts. In a world of ‘inorite’, ‘lol’ and ‘brb’, one tends to forgo the trouble of expressing things things in a unique and personal way.

    2. Having said that, I believe that reading tons vastly improves ones ability to express concepts. Being exposed to unique sentence mechanics and different styles of writing improve my own ability to use words to effect.

    3. As an artist, I don’t think I could succeed without a very good ability to visualize, rebuild, refine and trouble shoot images and concepts prior to taking physical action. The time I spend just thinking about a project prior to starting is critical to doing it efficiently and in my own unique way. Wish I could bill for it!

    Anyway, cool article. Thanks!

  • @Vaughn You just up your hourly to account for the intangible costs. Basic managerial accounting practice.

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