Law Workshop - Intellectual Property

  • Kamloops Innovation is putting on a workshop on June 20th. There are three sessions, but one that might be most interesting is the session on protecting business ideas.

    3:00-4:00pm Protecting Your Idea
    When, why and how do you protect your business ideas? How do you monetize your business ideas?
    Segev LLP will answer these questions in two 15-minute sessions, with Q&A time following each. They will draw from their wealth of experience working with technology companies and innovative businesses in order to provide insight on the importance of protecting your ideas early, and capitalizing them effectively.

    Other sessions:
    Laying the Foundation - structuring a company, legal documents to consider, and how to navigate a contract
    Entrepreneur Hangout - live Google hangout with 3 entrepreneurs

    More details, and register:

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