Badges and Tokens for Makerspace

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    The idea has been floated by @toxuin to create badges for our forum profiles and keychain style tokens for workshops, achievements, etc at the Makerspace.

    I have started with the lasercutting 101 workshop - there is now a lasercut token for those that have taken the workshop (let me know if you have not gotten yours) and there is also a badge:
    0_1464986463628_laser 1.jpg

    For the vinyl cutting workshop (I will cut the fobs today):
    0_1464986499997_Vinyl Cut 101.jpg

    So, it is a start. I think it is a great idea and will design badges as we need them - I would like to catch up on any that are needed; please let me know on this thread which to make and any ideas on what symbol to use?

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    @pierre @arasbm @toxuin
    I will email these images to you as SVG later today - sorry for the wait! :)

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