OnShape's new FeatureScript is really cool

  • If you use OnShape, then you’re probably interested in FeatureScript, which exposes their internal programming language for features.

    OnShape has also publically released the source code for all of the features that come with OnShape (Chamfer, Extrude, etc).

    There is a really good introductory video here:

  • Wow this is a pretty huge feature! Great to see that they have been using this script internally. Now that it is open, I suspect there will be a lot of new creative scripts developed for it.

    Edit: What are your first impressions about the script? At first glance it looks like Javascript to me. Why do you think they needed to make their own script as opposed to using a common language such as Javascript or python?

    On another note: I just added two workshops based on onshape to the list of workshops I am working on. Dave, let me know when you are able to teach either of those.

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