Copyright Infringement

  • TLDR: The Internet for Makerspace is under my name. Somebody (I do not need to know who) downloaded a movie called he.never.died.2015 on torrent and telus sent me this infringement notice. Should I be concerned?

    Dear Aras Balali,
    We’re obligated to let you know that TELUS has been notified of an alleged copyright infringement associated with your Internet connection. Rest assured that we are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and you have not been identified to the copyright holder.

    For further details regarding this allegation, please review the attached notice received from the copyright holder or its agent. The notice has been forwarded in the form and language in which it has was received, as required by the Copyright Act. Please note that TELUS is not responsible for the content of this notice. Any questions regarding it should be directed to the contacts listed in the notice.

    And here is the statement:


    Hash: SHA1



    Notice ID: 0f4f6d7679f140120198aa7169741b5792a1



    Re: Notice of Unauthorized Use of Copyrights Owned by 108 Media Corp.

    Canipre represents 108 Media Corp., who owns all right, title and interest, including copyrights, in and to the work listed below (hereinafter the Work).

    This notice is intended solely for the primary TELUS Communications Inc. service account holder named herein. Your Internet services account has been identified as having been used in the unauthorized copying and/or distribution of the Work listed below.

    Work Title: He Never Died (2015)

    Copyright Owner: 108 Media Corp.

    Computer File Name: []he.never.died.2015.brrip.xvid.ac3.evo.torrent

    Protocol: BitTorrent

    Torrent Hash Value: 16aa3f4141208eb2fcc49f080deac58eae1b822d

    Coordinated Universal Time: 31/05/2016 02:36:52 UTC IP Address:

    Port: 55182

    108 Media Corp. is the sole and exclusive owner and distributor of He Never Died (2015) in Canada and at no time have you, or anyone using your account, received authorization or consent to download or distribute the 108 Media Corp. exclusive property. 108 Media Corp. generates its revenues through the lawful distribution and sales of its works and has the exclusive proprietary right to distribute and receive revenues, proceeds, and profits from its works.

    In Canada, the unauthorized copying, performance and/or distribution of the 108 Media Corp. Work listed above is illegal and is subject to criminal and civil sanctions, and is a violation of the Copyright Act, R.SC, 1985, c C-42. The recent amendments to the Copyright Act, which came into force on November 7, 2012, have confirmed the 108 Media Corp. rights to have its copyright protected in Canada and has updated the rights and protections of copyright owners to better address the challenges of the internet, so as to be in line with international standards.

    Moreover, such copying, performance and/or distribution of unauthorized works may also violate (i) the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, (ii) the Universal Copyright Convention, (iii) bilateral treaties with other countries including Canada, and/or those copyright laws and regulations as cited herein.

    Your ISP has forwarded you this Notice pursuant to the Notice and Notice provisions of the Canada Copyright Act. While we remain agreeable to communicating with you through your ISP, we reserve our right to seek a Norwich order to have you identified should this matter remain unresolved. Canadian Courts have recently recognized that, in circumstances involving the illegal infringement of copyrighted works, ISPs can be ordered to deliver up the customer information associated with offending IP addresses so that further action can be taken (see: Voltage Pictures LLC v Doe, 2014 FC 161). If you have questions about your legal rights, you should consult with your own qualified, legal counsel.

    In the event that this matter remains unresolved and/or you continue to engage in the unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted works, you could be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy you may be party to with your ISP. In Canada, you could also be found liable for statutory damages of up to $5,000, or non-statutory damages for copyright infringement, as well as potential damages for unjust enrichment and interference with economic relations.

    In order to help avoid legal action, we have been authorized by 108 Media Corp. to offer you a settlement opportunity that we believe is reasonable for everyone. This notice provides you with the information you require in order to resolve the claimed infringement matter and prevent any and all further legal actions that may be contemplated and relevant under Canadian jurisprudence.

    To access the settlement offer for this claim, you have until 27/06/2016 to visit the provided URL and complete the settlement instructions. If you prefer, you can simply copy and paste or type the URL directly into the Internet browser of your choice. Here, you will gain confidential and private access to all instructions how to complete your settlement payment and receive your executed Release of Liability. Please note that your Unique Notice ID forms the URL and corresponds with the Unique Notice ID found at the outset of this notification.


    The settlement will remain confidential and, as part of the resolution, 108 Media Corp. will also agree to release you of any and all other claims it may have against you for all previous infringing activity engaged in to date 07/06/2016 affecting the 108 Media Corp. titles and/or its intellectual property.

    If you fail to respond or settle within the prescribed time period, the above matter may be referred to our legal counsel representing 108 Media Corp. for legal action and further remedy. In the event that legal action is commenced, 108 Media Corp. will pursue all legal, equitable and statutory remedies against you, which will include monetary damages, as well as damages for conversion, unjust enrichment and interference with economic relations, as well as court costs and/or legal counsel fees incurred in this matter. At that point, the original settlement offer contained herein will no longer be an option and any future resolution will require an increased payment from you as a result of 108 Media Corp. having to incur further costs, which costs they will seek to recover from you. Therefore, you may be held liable for monetary damages in excess of the settlement amount demanded herein, as well as all associated legal fees and court costs. In addition, you may be subject to court ordered injunctions and other extra-ordinary civil remedies.

    In the event that 108 Media Corp. proceeds with legal action against you, you will be required to produce all relevant documents, including electronic documents and files that bear on 108 Media Corp. claims against you. Until this matter is resolved, whether by settlement or otherwise, we require you to accept this as written notice to preserve any and all hard drives or other means of electronic storage associated with your above referenced IP address and to take no steps whatsoever to remove, erase, discard, conceal, destroy or delete from any means of electronic storage any evidence of piracy and/or other illegal or unauthorized acquisition and/or distribution of 108 Media Corp. intellectual property. In the event that we determine, through computer forensic evidence or otherwise, that steps were taken to delete or in any way alter or destroy evidence of piracy activities, said actions will be brought to the courts attention and further associated remedies will be sought against you.

    Again, we recommend that you consult with legal counsel if you have questions about your legal rights.

    Nothing contained or omitted from this correspondence is, or shall be deemed to be, either a full statement of the facts or applicable law, an admission of any fact, or a waiver or limitation of any of the 108 Media Corp. rights or remedies, all of which are specifically retained and reserved.

    In providing this Notice, Canipre has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of herein is not authorized by the copyright owner, any of its agents, or by operation of law. Canipre and the undersigned further declare under penalty of perjury, that Canipre is authorized to act on behalf of 108 Media Corp…


    Robin Berry

    Project Manager

    CANIPRE: Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement

    307-15400 Pierrefonds Blvd

    Montreal, QC CANADA

    H9H 5L5



    T.Montreal (514) 312-3185

    T.Toronto (647) 478-7722

    T.Vancouver (778) 831-1044

    On behalf of:

    108 Media Corp.



    ID de lavis : 0f4f6d7679f140120198aa7169741b5792a1

    Reglement :


    Objet : Avis concernant une utilisation non autorisee de droit dauteur detenu par 108 Media Corp.

    Canipre represente 108 Media Corp. lequel detient tous les droits, titres et interets, y compris les droits dauteur dans l?uvre mentionnee ci-dessous (ci-apres appelee l< ?uvre >).

    Cet avis est destine uniquement au titulaire du compte de service principal TELUS Communications Inc. mentionne aux presentes. Votre compte de services Internet a ete identifie comme ayant ete utilise aux fins de reproduction ou de distribution non autorisee de l?uvre indique ci-apres :

    Titre de l?uvre : He Never Died (2015)

    Proprietaire du droit dauteur : 108 Media Corp.

    Nom du fichier informatique : []he.never.died.2015.brrip.xvid.ac3.evo.torrent

    Protocole : BitTorrent

    Valeur de hachage : 16aa3f4141208eb2fcc49f080deac58eae1b822d

    Temps universel coordonne : 31/05/2016 02:36:52 UTC

    Adresse IP :

    Port : 55182

    108 Media Corp. est le proprietaire et le distributeur unique et exclusif de He Never Died (2015) au Canada et a aucun moment, vous, ou une personne utilisant votre compte, navez recu lautorisation ou le consentement de telecharger ou de distribuer la propriete exclusive de 108 Media Corp… Le 108 Media Corp. realise ses revenus par la distribution et les ventes legales de ses ?uvres et il a le droit exclusif de distribuer et de recevoir des revenus, des produits et des profits de ses ?uvres.

    Au Canada, la reproduction, la distribution et lexecution non autorisees de l?uvre de 108 Media Corp. mentionne ci-dessous sont illegales et assujetties a des sanctions civiles et penales et constituent une violation de la Loi sur le droit dauteur, R.SC, 1985, c C-42. Les dernieres modifications apportees a la Loi sur le droit dauteur sont entrees en vigueur le 7 novembre 2012 et attestaient des droits de 108 Media Corp. davoir son droit dauteur protege au Canada et les droits et les protections des proprietaires de droit dauteur ont ete actualises afin de mieux faire face aux defis dInternet et pour les rendre conformes aux normes internationales.

    Dailleurs, le recours a ces reproductions, executions ou distributions d?uvres non autorisees peut egalement enfreindre (i) la Convention de Berne sur la protection des ?uvres litteraires et artistiques (ii) la Convention universelle sur les droits dauteur (iii) les traites bilateraux avec dautres pays incluant le Canada, ou (iv) les lois et reglements sur les droits dauteur, comme mentionne aux presentes.

    Votre ISP vous a transmis votre avis conformement a lavis et les dispositions en matiere davis de la Loi canadienne sur le droit dauteur. Bien que nous soyons disposes a communiquer avec vous par lintermediaire de votre ISP, nous nous reservons le droit de demander une ordonnance de Norwich pour vous identifier si cette question nest pas resolue. Les tribunaux canadiens ont recemment reconnu que dans des situations de violations d?uvres de droits dauteur, les ISP peuvent etre contraints de donner les renseignements du client portant sur les adresses IP indesirables dans le but denvisager des mesures supplementaires (vous referer a Voltage Pictures LLC c. Doe, 2014 CF 161).

    Si vous avez des questions au sujet de vos droits, nous vous suggerons de consulter vos conseillers juridiques qualifies.

    Advenant le cas ou cette question demeurerait non resolue ou la continuite des reproductions ou distributions non autorisees des ?uvres de droits dauteur, vous pourriez enfreindre les dispositions de la politique dutilisation acceptable a laquelle vous pouvez etre lie avec votre ISP. Au Canada, vous pouvez egalement etre tenu responsable de dommages-interets pouvant atteindre 5 000 $ ou de dommages non legislatifs pour violation aux droits dauteur ainsi que des dommages potentiels pour enrichissement sans cause et entrave intentionnelle aux relations economiques.

    Afin deviter toute action juridique, nous avons ete mandates par 108 Media Corp. pour vous presenter une possibilite de reglement que nous jugeons raisonnable pour toutes les parties. Le present avis vous donne linformation necessaire pour pouvoir regler la question de violation presumee et pour empecher lexercice de toute autre voie de droit qui pourrait etre envisagee et pertinente en vertu de la jurisprudence canadienne.

    Pour acceder a loffre de reglement pour cette reclamation, vous avez jusqua 27/06/2016 pour visiter lURL fournie et pour suivre les directives portant sur le reglement. Toutefois, vous pouvez simplement reproduire et coller ou saisir lURL directement dans le navigateur Internet de votre choix. Vous aurez un acces prive et confidentiel a toutes les directives portant sur la facon de remplir votre reglement de paiement et pour recevoir votre accord de reglement conclu. Veuillez noter que votre ID davis unique se compose de lURL et correspond a lID davis unique indique au debut du present avis.


    Le reglement demeurera confidentiel et, dans le cadre de celui-ci, 108 Media Corp. acceptera egalement de vous liberer de toute autre reclamation quil pourrait avoir contre vous concernant toute activite de violation antecedente realisee a ce jour 07/06/2016 et affectant les titres ou la propriete intellectuelle de 108 Media Corp…

    Si vous ne repondez pas ou ne reglez pas la question dans le delai prescrit, la question ci-dessus peut alors etre confiee a notre conseiller juridique representant 108 Media Corp. pour des poursuites en justice et autre recours et reparation. Au cas ou la poursuite en justice est entamee, 108 Media Corp. poursuivra les recours juridiques, equitables et reglementaires contre vous, y compris des dommages pecuniaires ainsi que des dommages pour la conversion, lenrichissement sans cause et lentrave intentionnelle aux relations economiques, et egalement les frais de tribunaux ou les frais engages de conseillers juridiques dans cette affaire. A ce point, loffre originale de reglement contenue aux presentes ne sera plus une option et tout reglement futur necessitera un paiement superieur de votre part du fait que 108 Media Corp. doit engager dautres frais quil cherchera a recouvrer. Par consequent, vous pouvez etre tenu responsable des dommages pecuniaires excedant le montant du reglement demande aux presentes ainsi que tous les frais juridiques et judiciaires connexes. De plus, vous pouvez etre assujetti a des injonctions de tribunaux et autres voies de recours civils extraordinaires.

    Si 108 Media Corp. decidait dentamer des poursuites judiciaires contre vous, vous serez tenu de fournir tous les documents appropries, y compris les documents et les fichiers electroniques qui portent sur les reclamations de 108 Media Corp. contre vous. Jusqua ce que cette question soit resolue, par reglement ou autrement, vous devez accepter la presente comme un avis ecrit de conserver tout disque dur ou autre support de stockage electronique associe a votre adresse IP mentionnee ci-dessus et de ne pas tenter de retirer, effacer, jeter, dissimuler, detruire ou supprimer de tout support de stockage electronique toute preuve de piratage ou autre acquisition ou distribution illegale ou non autorisee de la propriete intellectuelle de 108 Media Corp… Advenant que nous determinions, en raison dune preuve informatique judiciaire ou autrement, que ces actions ont ete prises pour supprimer ou, dune certaine facon, alterer ou detruire la preuve dactivites de piratage, de telles actions seront portees devant les tribunaux et dautres recours seront exerces contre vous.

    Nous vous recommandons donc de consulter votre conseiller pour toute question au sujet de ces droits juridiques.

    Rien de ce qui est ecrit ou de ce qui est omis dans cette correspondance est, ou doit etre presume etre, une declaration complete des faits ou de la loi applicable, un aveu de tout fait, ou une renonciation ou limitation de tout droit ou recours de 108 Media Corp., lesquels sont specifiquement reserves et maintenus.

    En fournissant le present avis, Canipre croit en toute bonne foi que lutilisation du materiel de la facon presumee aux presentes nest pas autorisee par le proprietaire du droit dauteur, dun de ses agents ou du fait de loperation de la loi. Canipre et le soussigne declarent egalement, sous peine de parjure, que Canipre est autorisee a agir au nom de 108 Media Corp…

    Veuillez agreer mes sinceres salutations,

    Robin Berry

    Project Manager


    307-15400 Pierrefonds Blvd

    Montreal, QC CANADA

    H9H 5L5



    T.Montreal (514) 312-3185

    T.Toronto (647) 478-7722

    T.Vancouver (778) 831-1044

    Au nom de :

    108 Media Corp.

    <?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?>

    TELUS Communications Inc.


    Version: BCPG C# v1.7.4114.6375










    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


  • Got another email that apparently we have used approximately 75% of our monthly internet data allowance, so do not torrent things please.

  • Holder

    I got one of those letters last year when I downloaded game of thrones, but it was no where near this thorough…

    This is quite different, in that it not only makes the empty threat of legal action sound real, but it actually goes so far to try and extort a “settlement”! 😵

    I suggest that you do not pay and do not respond. This is only one copyright infringement, and it’s unlikely that they would ever file suit for one file. However, this is easy for me to say as it’s not in my name…
    Maybe we should have the account owner changed to makerspace asap?

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