card box v2

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    This is the project I worked on tonight. Got @pierre to assist me to make sure I used the laser cutter safely.
    It is a box for holding collectable cards
    ![0_1465374223206_20160607_234813.jpg](Uploading 100%) 0_1465374249190_20160607_235139.jpg

  • Nice! :)

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    How did you make the pattern? Was it a download? Shoot the link over- I’d like to cannibalize that edge pattern. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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    @Vaughn hand did the edging. But
    @pierre was working on a box creation program

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    Having a pattern handy on RD works for a little box with a little makerspace logo would be a good demo. Design it with minimal scanning time to speed up the demo.

  • Looks really good! Nicely done!

  • Would you like a pattern to do custom presentation or jewelery sized boxes? Maybe for badges or something? Be pretty easy to hack up a template to run on some thin material… maybe the thinnest baltic birch or balsa we can get?

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