OCPizza Night - Monday June 20 from 5pm to 7pm

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    It looks like Kamloops government wants our options, should KM host one of these OCPizza Nights?

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    I am all for free pizza and getting better communication with the city. A bit more exposure of what the Makerspace is couldn’t hurt either.

  • @Jason-Bijl yes we should! Looks like it is coming to an end really fast, we should submit a request tomorrow. If you get to it first and do send a request, please CC me, I will do the same.

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    I went and picked up the box today that has all the supplementary materials that we can use to provide our feedback to the city. When I went there to pick it up, Carmin Mazzotta from the city took the time to explain how we should run the session and how they plan to use our feedback. This is actually pretty interesting.

    We will host a focus discussion with around 12 or so people. There are several topics available for discussion, the first exercise is to pick the topic we are most interested in and for the rest of the discussion we will focus on that.

    How about hosting our session on Monday June 20th for either Lunch or supper?

    Let me know if you could come to the session on Monday and if you prefer lunch time (12pm-2pm) or supper time (5pm-7pm).

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    I am in favour of supper time.

    I went to the Food policy council OCP night, and it was a confusing process. The fact is developing community participation takes time, and the city needs the public to help identify way to improve the process over time.

  • Lets host it on Monday from 5pm to 7pm. I know that @cam said he and a few of his friends were interested in joining us. If you think you can make please reply here. Thanks!

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    thanks man, see you then

  • I will attend Monday evening as I was away for the KFPC meeting. Have we chosen a topic? Is there someone to lead/ facilitate the discussion?

  • @Shelaigh I can facilitate the discussion since I got the introduction. The first exercise will be to choose the discussion topic from available topics.

  • Shoot- sorry guys- just realized I am up at Heffley hiuse/ child sitting monday night. Sadly I wont be able to attend😩

  • @Shelaigh no problem, thanks for letting us know!

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    so embarrassed to have missed this. My apologies.

  • @cam no worries! I am going to return our notes to the city in the next couple of days. The box is in the lounge if you are interested, feel free to look through it when you are at the space.

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