New volunteer roles available for Kamloops Makerspace

  • It is a really great time to be involved with Kamloops Makerspace. We are growing faster than ever with new members signing up every week! We now have a three year lease for our building and planning to quickly expand to the second floor. Because of this fast growth we now have a lot more work to do. Moving forward, the only way to scale is to strengthen our relationships and make it easier to divide and distribute work load. Once we do this properly, we will find that as we grow there will be less and less work for us to do – many hands make light work.

    I have started creating a list of volunteer roles. Most of these roles are up for grabs or the person currently in charge of them may need help. As a general rule of thumb I would recommend that if you end up volunteering for more than 4 hours a week you are probably doing too much (I know that includes me too), and you should try to find way to get other members to help you.

    Available Roles

    Sponsorship Coordinator

    Who is currently doing any part of this role? It would be great to have two people take this on

    • Communicate our sponsorship opportunities
    • Keep track of all of our sponsors
    • Send thank you notes and invitations to sponsors
    • Create sponsorship options brochure
    • Provide content to the web team
    • Approximately 200 hours per year

    Grant Seeker

    • Look for grant opportunities and apply for them
      • Grants to financially compensate various committee members for their time
      • Grants to hire people (members who are already doing the work) to boost progress
      • Grants to fix our building
      • Grants to teach workshop
    • Communicate grant applications with our membership and document them
    • Approximately 400 hours per year

    Monthly Newsletter Writer

    • Compile a list of all the events in the upcoming month and send them out in a positive and encouraging newsletter once a month
      *Approximately 100 hours per year

    Membership Coordinator and Committee

    We would need at least two people in this committee. Their role would be to keep track of who has paid membership and who has not. @hdsheena had originally signed up for this, but I believe this has proven to be very time consuming. That is why I would like to have a fresh volunteered assigned to this task to focus on it for a while and develop a system.

    • Contact previous members who have not paid their monthly fee to remind them
    • Keep track of how many members we have
    • Create and maintain a welcome package for new members
    • Create quarterly reports about membership growth
    • Approximately 400 hours per year

    Tools Committee

    • Create and maintain a list of tools that we have and tools that we wish to have
    • Propose purchasing new tools on the forum and purchase them when we are ready
    • Approximately 100 hours per year

    Building maintenance coordinator

    • Coordinate our group effort in maintaining our building
    • Communicate and validate larger projects with building owners
    • Keep track of how much contribution has been made in fixing the building (up to a $1000 per month deductible from our rent)

    Outreach coordinator

    This has been done by @arasbm and @nicholas but we need more team members to help.

    • Look for opportunities to participate in public events in the region to
    • represent our makerspace and promote our cause
    • Sign up and coordinate our efforts to participate in public events
    • Develop relationship with other non profit societies and look for mutually beneficial ways to collaborate with them
    • Respond to emails and phone call inquiries
    • Takes approximately 500 hours per year


    Up until now this was done by @nicholas but we are looking for a new treasurer now. The person in this role has a critical job and should focus on keeping track of money

    • Keep track of money
    • Create monthly reports
    • Create annual financial reports for the AGM
    • This role does NOT include the following responsibilities:
      • Deciding if we can spend money on X or not
      • Running after membership money
      • Searching for grants, sponsorship or other money (there are other roles for those)
      • Deciding what is a good deal to purchase, etc, etc, etc
    • Approximately 200 hours per year

    Other Positions

    Here are some of the other positions that are currently filled, or at least being taken care of. However, if you are really interested in one of these let me know.

    Board of directors committee

    This is the committee of directors that coordinates member contributions at a high level and guides the society. Currently @Chainmaildave @tinfoilknight @Bradley-Maker @arasbm


    Currently filled by @arasbm

    • Help set short term and long term goals for the society
    • Communicate how we are doing and in what areas we need improvement
    • Default chair for general meetings
    • Takes approximately 200 hours per year

    Web design and maintenance committee

    Currently filled by @arasbm and @toxuin

    • Keep the forum up and running and up to date
    • Design, coordinate development of new forum plugins and test and install them when available
    • Keep the website up to date
    • Maintain and update once a year
    • Keep our domain names registered
    • Keep our email system running
    • Takes approximately 250 hours per year


    Currently filled by @arasbm

    • Organize, document and handle all paperwork regarding the society, including
      • Non profit registration
      • Insurance
      • Internet and other service subscriptions
    • Approximately 20 hours per year

    Workshop Coordinator

    Currently filled by @arasbm

    • Create and maintain a curriculum of available workshops
    • Match request for workshops to potential instructors
    • Approximately 150 hours per year

    If you are interested in any of these roles please respond here or just message me or come talk to me. Once we make a list of all volunteers I will create a motion to approve/reject the candidates for each role. If you can think of any other roles that I have missed, please let me know and I will add them. It is late and I probably forgot something obvious, so please let me know. Thanks!

  • Holder

    Reading this I can’t help but quote LOTR:
    “All we have to decide what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    I’ll try and help us to access some grants. I am going to start looking this week, so until we have a few in mind, I would be willing to help others with any of their roles too.

    If anyone currently has grants in mind, let me know.
    @sue I understand that you are applying for a BCLC grant, would you be able to CC me a copy to review, it will help me to start getting my head around the formatting and content.

  • I can put my name down for building maintenance. I am willing to do something with the Sponsorship and Grants Seeker positions. I’ve never actually applied for a Grant before so I would need to work with someone who has so that I can see how it’s done.

  • Metal

    Since I’m already dealing with the tools and shop I’ll formally take the position. I’ll start an inventory and reorganization once I have the security cameras wired up.

  • Thank you everyone that has signed up or has approached me so far to help with these roles. You all are awesome!

    I updated grant seeker hours to 400 based on some feedback I got today. I also added newsletter writer role.

    The original post is still a stub. Please don’t be offended by it and don’t be shy to comment here if you can add something to it or correct my rough estimates. I will update it based on your feedback.

  • Member

    Workshop coordinator
    i don’t know if i have 150 hours, but i might have enough to share the position with someone. If i can fold this into my continuing education somehow i could do this and write assignments at the same time, then i would have an excuse to do it way more.

  • Design Lab

    I’ll take on the Monthly Newsletter role for a 6 month trial run.

    We will need to setup an easy system for collecting the information on or about the 20th of each month, and sending/emailing the newsletter out about a week before the end of the month.

    We need:

    *a member email list updated each month to email the newsletter

    • a list of media to send the newsletter to (CBC, Echo, DBA, etc.)

    • a place that everyone puts info to be included in the newsletter (email me? Google Doc?)

    The newsletter should include:

    • a current wish list of tools, etc we are looking for?

    • Upcoming events, workshops, Hacknight, Monday breakfast, etc calendar?

    • A summary of last months happenings

    • Membership and sponsorship info and contacts

    • a feature photo of a makerspace project or tool?

  • 3D

    I’d volunteer for website and forum maintenance doing thing. I’ve had some exciting stuff planned for it for quite a while now.

  • Linux

    @Vaughn I hope the newsletter could also be hosted on the website somewhere for people to view, especially for back issues?

    Learning and working on learning more!


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