Room available for rent at makerspace - REDUCED to $350+$100 / month

  • The rooms on the second floor are available to rent now. I have posted an ad on kijiji. I thought I post it here to see if any of our community members would be interested in it. I will give priority to responses here. Ideally I would like to see members rent the available space to start their own businesses based on the products they are developing at makerspace.

    • 220 sqft
    • Unfurnished
    • 350$ per month plus your membership
    • 175$ damage deposit

    Other Notes:

    • The money from renting of the rooms will be sent to our landlord. The
    • membership fee and the
    • Damage deposit is kept by makerspace and will be refunded if room is left clean and with 1 month notice
    • You need to give 1 month notice if you intend to stop renting the room
    • If you start renting in the middle of a month the rent for that first month will be adjusted according to how many days it will be used. For example if you start renting on August 21th, the rent for August will be 10/31*350=113$. The rent for subsequent months will be 350$.
    • You can rent half of a room for half the price

    Let us know if you are interested!

    You can reply here or email us.

    Thank you Ashley and @Sue and anyone else who helped get the rooms ready!

  • Design Lab

    Good wording on the ad @arasbm !

  • @Vaughn thanks!

    Feel free to send this to your networks, and if you have any friends interested feel free to bring them in for a tour and show them the rooms. As soon as we find someone who commits to renting the room for July, lets post it here so we do not double book it.

    The other two rooms are available too – to the right person, if they are willing to work with us as we fix them up.

  • price reduced to 350$ per month + membership fee

    After talking to several people including @Chainmaildave @Nicholas and @Jason I am convinced we need to drop the price on those rooms to match the current market.

    I am going to update my kijiji post later today, but I wanted to post this here first in case any of our existing members would be interested in renting one of the rooms.

    Edit: based on the latest agreement we have separated the membership fee from room rental. The 350$ does not include membership fee.

  • I have made some adjustment to the room rental. Please checkout my original post here for the update. In summary the rooms are available for 350$ excluding membership fee. You can also rent half of a room. If you start in the middle of a month, the rent for that first month will be reduced. We would require a damage deposit from every renter. We would require 30 day notice from the renter if they intend to stop renting a room.

    I am renting half of the room that currently has a bunch of random stuff in it. I am renting it for July and August so that @fullmetalbuddha and I can develop our super secret product :chicken: for market. The first prototype will be for sale or auction to raise funds for makerspace.

    There are still 2 full rooms and 1 half room available. If you have been working on a cool project and want to take the leap and turn it into a business, this may be an excellent opportunity.

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