One year ago on this date ...

  • I just realized, it was one year ago on this day that we moved into our building. It was June 15 2015. What a year! Congratulations everyone!

  • How about a potluck dinner!? We could combine it with a needed project for rhe space? So many creative minds collaborating & many hands does “make light work”!!! Congrats you guys are awesome! It’s Community in motion!!!

    On another note… can we start a job/ barter page/ thread? I have several people asking me about skilled trades and specific projects. I.E gardeners needing things built, fixed or installed? A bit of extra cash for those that can put together a compost or irrigation system in a community or private garden. I personally need some welding projects done… a skills and availability list would be fantastic!
    Bradley has gotten a couple of projects going and Nicholas has donated some of his skill set to our educational garden program. Jason and Aras have also donated time. Its time we talk about generating an organized a skills list and started sub contraxting/ trading!?
    Thanks you guys!!!😊 Shelaigh

  • @Shelaigh yes yes and yes!
    Potluck dinner would be awesome.

    As for the skill list, we should probably use our profile pages for that, and then I can create a list of all members so you can browse through their skill set.

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