Laser cutter consumable purchase

  • If you feel like shopping around, see if you can find a good deal on aliexpress or kijiji on a full set of consumables for our laser cutter.

    Edit we will have to chip in ourselves to cover the cost. So far @pierre and I are willing to chip in for it, approximately 50$ or so depending on what set we purchase. Is anyone else is willing to chip in?

    I would like to get a full set of mirrors (3 mirrors) and a lens. It would also be nice to get a proper engraving lens which has a longer focal depth.

    Please post your findings here and I will purchase one of them early next week.

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    Ill chip in 50 for that. Is there an approximate ‘life expectancy’ to the set?

  • @Vaughn the life expectancy is not easily predictable and it really depends on how well we take care of them. They could burn tomorrow or they might last for several years.

    @pierre and I found some really cheap sets on aliexpress (almost too good to be true at around 50$ for a full set). We are doing a bit more searching to make sure they are suitable for our laser and then will post the links here.

  • I’m in for $50 as well.

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    @arasbm can I email this $50 to makerspace? or shoot you cash?

  • Thank everyone that has indicated they will chip in so far. The manufacturer got back to me yesterday and they gave me a qoute for $171.43 CAD including shipping for 3 mirrors + a normal lens + an engraving lens (F=100mm). I think that is a really good price and is coming from a reputable source, so I went ahead and purchased it.

    So far it is me, @pierre @n0pe and @Vaughn that are splitting the cost. Anyone else wants to chip in before we divide it up?

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    I will chip in. Let me know what it comes to.

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    @arasbm does that supplier carry any kind of aids for focal depth setting?

  • @Vaughn I suspect not, but I will ask them anyway

    Ok so we have 171.43/6 (me,@pierre @Vaughn @n0pe @Chris and @Ron_Ron ) comes down to 28$. I bought this out of my own pocket not through makerspace account, so easiest would be to give me cash whenever you have a chance. Thanks everyone! :smile:

  • I will swing by if people are there Friday with some Cash. Do you have a particular time you’ll be around?


  • Good work guys! :)

  • @n0pe I will be at makerspace on Friday from 12 until 4pm or so. I am pretty sure other people will be here Friday afternoon and evening. No rush, I am sure I will see you soon! :smile:

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    I carefully cleaned the mirrors, including the one in the back of the cabinet (had to open the rear housing to get at it) today.

    The mirrors didn’t appear dirty, but when I cleaned them I realized there was a grimy, even film on them. THE CUE-TIPS were black by the time I was finished. So, be aware that even if the mirrors don’t look dirty, they may be anyway.

    Also,when I opened the rear housing to clean the rear mirror I took a look at the laser tube - the water in it and the chiller is getting murky. Do we have to periodically empty, clean and refresh that water?

  • @Vaughn yes we should replace the water in the chiller with fresh tap water. Thanks for cleaning the mirrors.

  • Distilled water is not expensive… Should we consider purchasing some to use in the chiller? I’m not sure if sediment buildup is a thing for laser tubes.

  • Just to be clear, a problem could develop with water flow over a long time, but there would not be an immediate issue.

    I wonder if it is the metal part of the chiller that is slowly corroding and causing the water to be murky. If that is the case I think we should try using DI water instead of distilled water if I remember correctly.

    Before doing any of that I would suggest we just change the water in the cooler and see how much different it will make. If it looks clear again and it is not clogging up the tubes, then we are good.

  • There was sediment in the laser tube from testing with Chinese water. I’m surprised that the water is murky but it isn’t a perfectly sealed system. Even distilled water may get murky too

  • The backup consumables are here:

    Thank you everyone who chipped in!

  • Nice! :)

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    @arasbm Ill shoot you the $30 (I think that’s what the individual bill is?) next time I see you!
    Thanks for doing that.

  • Excellent. So are the mirrors considered consumable or just the lenses? Does this come with both? Just curious as to what is and isn’t expected to have a life expectancy on the machine.

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