Singer 251-3 Sewing machine.

  • Ok @BrianB, I spoke with Grant at Versatile upholstery. It is public knowledge. His plan is to shut down April 1st, and look at have a wrist repaired. He feels it’s unlikely that he’ll improve.
    His plan following, will be to keep his space as a personal hobby shop for cars/bikes, welding and personal upholstery etc… I will touch base early summer about equipment he wishes to get rid of.

    I’ve also invited him to come check out KM, so he knows what we do…

  • Roland,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion that Rudy have a look at it. Since he is familiar with these machines, I think that is a great approach. Can you please let me know when you think he may come by so I can try to be there too? It may be difficult to coordinate, but I would at least like to try. It sounds like Rudy is the right person to assess the situation, and we can go from there.

  • @Lawrence I work Wed/Thurs nights, and Rudy is days M-F. I’m sure we could swing by on Friday eve, Sat or Sun, or next Wed eve. What works for you?

  • Roland,

    Thank you for setting this up.

    I’m afraid this Friday evening is no good for me. You mention next Wednesday, but I thought you worked? I could come by next Wednesday the 29th. That would be best for me if you and Rudy are both free.

    If I misunderstood, next Saturday the 25th after 2 pm, or Sunday the 26th in the morning works for me also.

    Thanks again,


  • @Lawrence 25th I have something I may be able to work around, 26th is good, 29th is good. I’ll ask Rudy.

  • @Lawrence how about 0930 Sunday am the 26th? Are you a keyholder?

  • Roland, I am not a keyholder. Not sure if this makes it impossible.

    I can meet at Makerspace at 9:30 for about an hour. Just confirm that this is okay.



  • Classroom

    @Lawrence, @Roland, I can’t be there for that time on Sunday, but we definitely want to make this as easy as possible due to the nature of the situation. I am sure we can track down a loaner key for this repair if there isn’t a key holder that would find this convenient to attend to.

  • @Lawrence you have my number. I can come down Sunday morning if that’s what it takes.

  • I like the idea of a loaner key as I hate to make Pierre take a special trip just to let us in the door. How are such keys arranged?

  • Classroom

    @Lawrence, I should be at the space working on the pottery studio for most of the day tomorrow. I will track one down in the morning and post here. Can you drop by in the afternoon?

  • @kile if @Lawrence is unable to drop by in the afternoon, I should be awake by about 1300 ish, and can come in.

  • Classroom

    @Roland, @Lawrence awesome. I’ll report back once I have an extra key in hand. I love the forum, it is so functional. You never know who you will find lurking there in the middle of the night…

  • @kile yay nighshift! :|

  • Classroom

    @Roland, @Lawrence sorry I totally spaced on this while I was at the space today. I will PM you with my number and you can text me tomorrow to sort it out if that is okay. I should be around the space tomorrow evening.

  • @Lawrence, we’re still a go for 0930 tomorrow am?

  • Absolutely.

  • @Lawrence

    Well Rudy and Roland met me this morning and Rudy and I went through the machine pretty thoroughly. Basically it was jammed and we got it unjammed, so it is working now. Rudy was a huge help and a big thank you goes out to him for coming by and giving us his time.

    However, Rudy did point out a few problems with the machine, that may require some adjustment to get sorted out. Nothing to do with the problem that I introduced. I had to run before we had time to talk about it, as I was leading a hike this morning. But I will be in touch with him and get a better idea what improvements can be made. However, these are adjustments to make it easier to use and not a barrier to it working.

    Thank you Roland for meeting us and helping out, too.

    Glad this was resolved.


  • Classroom

    @Lawrence, I got a super quick rundown from @Roland this morning, so more detailed info would be great, but it sounds like it mostly comes down to some sort of gearing/belt solution to reduce the speed of the machine. That makes total sense to me I have seen the thing fire up and it scares the bajezsus out of me to get near it. Well, as much as any other serious tool that I am unfamiliar with anyway. Slower would make it more approachable for the noobs, and lets face it, the whole idea of a makerspace is to have noobs coming in on everything. Thanks a lot guys for taking care of the issue with a really quick turnaround!

  • Adding a jackshaft and a second belt is very doable. I’ll see what I can scrounge up for sheaves and another v-belt. Probably can just mount a pillow block to an arm with two sheaves, and add some sort of tensioning setup (turnbuckle?)

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