Singer 251-3 Sewing machine.

  • I bet part of the reason the leather video is belting down is to gain torque. Sometimes with a thick stack of leather you really have to stab it to get the needle through. Adjusting the pedal travel might be better for now.

    I now have a roll of 1/16"x10"x26" cork gasket material. I’ll leave it by the sewing machine next time I’m in.

  • Thank you for the gasket material, Pierre

  • I used the machine last night for a small leather project and to get a feel for it. i have also texted Rudy to get his feedback on the set-up. I will write a synopsis of any issues that we have found and post it here. For now, it does no harm to adjust the clutch sensitivity as noted in the video I posted above, “a better control of speed of a sewing machine, part II”. Then if we decide we want to further this by trying a cam as Grant suggested, above, then we can consider that too.

  • Okay, so Rudy and I have had a talk about this machine. Basically, Rudy points out that this is not really a heavy-duty machine as it does not have a walking foot. It was probably designed to do light, straight work fast, like draperies or something like that with long, straight stitching. So it is fast but does not do thick. In this way it is “heavy-duty” in terms of durability of parts, etc, but not in terms of the materials that it can sew. The speed of the machine and it being suited to long straight seams does make it a bit difficult to use for smaller projects. We discussed that it should have a needle guard for safety. Something like this:

    Will help to keep people from running over their own fingers when the speed gets away from them. Oops, that one is built-in to the foot, so maybe this would be a suitable add-on:
    Maybe I could bend one of these myself out of wire.

    Hope this helps.

  • When I used the machine last I found that the oil was not dripping down through the little window in the front of the machine, even when I ran it fast. I do not know how oil pumps work in these machines, but I understand from the instructions that the oil is always supposed to be moving through the window. I checked the oil level and it seems to be fine, so there may be something wrong with the pump. The oil pump looks like this:


  • Design Lab

    Hi @Lawrence ! Amber is coming in to open house and is wondering about working on that sewing machine - if you are around, come by and let’s get her setup?

  • Sure, Vaughn, just need to find time this week. Tuesday sounds like it could be good. What would be a good time?

  • Design Lab

    She plans to come in weds nights through tje summer and work on some leather, clay and laser etched buttons. If you can make it for a weds let me know, but no presh - just wanted to do a proper hand off on that machine. Thank you for all you’ve done to get that old.machine back in action.

  • Design Lab

    Also, the leather machine worked beautifully for her last weds. Thanks for that too!

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