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    First attempt at laser etching a pancake. The biggest hurdle is going to be cooking perfect pancakes, thinner batter and evenly golden brown. Lightly cooked so the etching shows up better. Will post updates after the next batch :)

  • Sorry @Vaughn you missed it! We will have to do some more next time you are in for breakfast :laughing:

  • Try cooking with one of those “As Seen on TV” Perfect Pancake things. You can overfill it a little but the cover ensures they always cook to the same thickness. I see them in second hand stores from time to time.

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    Krusteaze (not kidding) pancake batter from costco, on a teflon pan. Makes a nice, light, even cake.

  • Well they still taste yummy!!! :) lolz

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    Looks like it rose too fluffy. Makes a delicious pancake but you need a flatter ickier one for laser cutting!! Maybe try really cheap pancake mix with as little of the added ingredients as you can, get a good consistency. Then add the tasty stuff back in a bit at a time…

    Learning and working on learning more!


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