Glad to find you all here, carrying on without me!

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    I’ve been following the maker movement for around a year.
    The movement made me realize that I’ve always been a maker, but that I’ve been a bit stifled and misdirected since I stopped playing with lego.

    I am a professional maker, I make timberframe houses. Wood is my favorite material. I’d prefer to make things out of wood for average people who can’t afford multi-million dollar homes.

    Last winter I decided that Christmas was going to be about making things, and so I am in my basement a lot these days, carving and sanding.

    Last winter I also decided that I would like to be a professional maker, and to help seed a movement in this town. I am passionate about the 3rd industrial revolution, I think it is our way forward on this little green earth, out of the technical, economic and social corner we have painted ourselves into. I feel that it is the future of employment. I’m interested in this movement, not as a hobby, but as a path to right livelihood.

    Last year I made a baby. This year I have been getting settled in this town again, and coming to terms with fatherhood.

    I think I’m about ready to get involved. Overdue perhaps.

    I’m glad that somebody had the same thought I did, but had the space and time to get started.

    I found Kamloops Innovation a couple of months ago, and have been loosely following. I discovered this forum a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t able to log in until now.

    I’m excited to tap in, dig in, get to know some others that are passionate about this stuff, learn from you, and share what I have to offer.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Welcome, glad to hear you are interested. Kamloops Makerspace is made up of volunteers who have wanted a makerspace in kamloops for a number of years, we are all excited to see a community of makers in kamloops. Congratulations on becoming a parent, kids often change priorities but growing up with the maker values is indispensable in today’s consumable world. We welcome your skills and insights. We are organizing things for the new year and will have the posted on here, we look forward to meeting you.

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