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    Further to @arasbm thread about volunteer roles, I’ll take on the Monthly Newsletter role for a 6 month trial run.

    We will need to setup an easy system for collecting the information on or about the 20th of each month, and sending/emailing the newsletter out about a week before the end of the month.

    We need:

    • a member email list updated each month to email the newsletter

    • a list of media to send the newsletter to (CBC, Echo, DBA, etc.)

    • a place that everyone puts info to be included in the newsletter (email me? Google Doc?)

    The newsletter should include:

    • a current wish list of tools, etc we are looking for?

    • Upcoming events, workshops, Hacknight, Monday breakfast, etc calendar?

    • A summary of last months happenings

    • Membership and sponsorship info and contacts

    • a feature photo of a makerspace project or tool?

    Please leave your input on this thread, and I’ll get it happening!

  • Have you guys had any contact with the Big Little Science Center? It would be good if they knew all about the Makerspace. Anyways, they publish a .pdf newsletter that I think is pretty good, both in terms of content and length. Have a look.


  • I have a list of contacts for the media in Kamloops, will send that to you!

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    excellent! email


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    @BrianB good suggestion!

    if you could email me that at , I would appreciate it :)

  • I am really happy and excited that you took this on @Vaughn ! Looking forward to seeing this take shape.

    @BrianB Thanks for the tip. We have a pretty good relationship with big little science centre but I have not seen their newsletter. Will check it out!

  • @arasbm OK…I’m jumping around in topics without checking. Here is the url to the last newsletter I did through Mail Chimp for our earthship community as an FYI for ideas, etc. Mail chimp handles email lists superbly…the program can receive “joins” through an opt-in box on the website or through links in emails, or in forums, or wherever, or an administrator can add emails (such as when a member joins). Email list members can unsubscribe, too. Something to look into longer term…we use it with our website and so far we’ve managed with the free versions. Looking forward to seeing Vaughn’s newsletter. Constant member contact is a must!

  • @BrianB

    We had a booth next to Big Little at Green Expo… Spent a bunch of the down time talking to them. They’ve sent a few folks to hack night now.

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    @EarthshipSandra thank you for the MailChimp link - Im checking it out!

    @arasbm it appears I need a makerspace email address for the responses to the emailed newsletter - can you set me up with that? I would prefer, if that works? It can be forwarded to

  • A show and tell or ransom makerspace facts? :)

  • @Vaughn I have mailchimp integrated into this forum, that is what I am using to send out the daily digest. I have never used their newsletter feature, but we might as well use it. I just sent you our account information, hope it is not too late. I will create the email forwarding for you as soon as possible.

    Thank you @EarthshipSandra for the sample newsletters you posted on the other thread, they look very good!

  • @arasbm …all from my former career as a journalist/PR-media, corporate, crisis communications/marketing communications career…so long ago since I worked in the field…I just get to use those skills for ourselves now!

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    OK, I am aiming to publish our first Makerspace Monthly newsletter next Friday.

    Please submit items (especially workshop info for Sept/Oct) to be included to

    So far, the newsletter will include:

    • An interview with a feature member (this month is @fullmetalbuddha )
      A blurb and invite to participate in Art in the Dark
      A blurb announcing a Halloween planning meeting
      A short recap of KMS tools and features, and membership details
      An announcement of the new CRAFTORIUM, and its costume making capabilities

    The newsletter send will be headed by a reminder that dues are due on September 1.

    I will try to use the MailChimp platform - I think I have the details for it, but may need some support in sending it to the database of emails @Nicholas has already sent me (does it need an update?)

    I intend to keep it simple this round and get it done!

    peace out

  • Design Lab

    Last call for SEPTEMBER newsletter items?

    @arasbm I will have the PDF of the newsletter ready to go Friday - I may need some help figuring out how to send it to the members email list on Mail Chimp!

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