Onshape webinar on Tuesday June 28 at 10am

  • @fullmetalbuddha and I were just talking about how onshape is growing fast and that it would be cool to sit in a few of their webinars and get more involved with it.

    I just saw that their next webinar on Tuesday June 28th at 10am is on patterns which is a tool I have recently started to use and it is very powerful and interesting.
    Feel free to join me in attending the webinar. I will try to put it on the big TV in the lounge and see how it goes.

    ps: I have also added the event to our google calendar

  • It’s probably worth mentioning that all of the webinars are uploaded to youtube (usually the day after they take place), so you can watch any of the previous ones:
    OnShape YouTube Videos

    This also includes all of the short video clips about new features that are released every 6 weeks. You can subscribe to the youtube channel and be notified about each video that’s uploaded.

    There is also a categorized collection on the onshape site: https://www.onshape.com/learn

    Some of these even have a transcript.

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