Agenda for General Meeting - Thursday July 14 at 6:00pm

  • #Kamloops Makerspace General Meeting – Thursday July 14th, 2016

    6:00pm: Aras will welcome everyone and will go over the agenda

    6:02pm: Roll call

    6:05pm: Agenda

    Each agenda item should hopefully take approximately 5 minutes.

    • 6:02 pm: Discussing the agenda items
      • @arasbm nominates @Ron_Ron to be on the board of directors
      • Introducing our new membership payment and tracking software: @toxuin and @arasbm
      • Aras nominates @EarthshipSandra as interim treasurer to help @Nicholas pass on his treasurer responsibilities over the summer and help us organize our books
      • Financial report and breakdown of where our money is coming from @arasbm
      • Discussion on purpose of the member meeting @hdsheena @arasbm
      • Venting meeting
      • Establishment of a mess jar. Like a swear jar. If you leave a mess you owe a toonie. @tinfoilknight
      • Garage sale. Protocols and distribution of work. @pierre @tinfoilknight @arasbm
      • Discuss the new fireside chat category and how it can be used to help us communicate better @arasbm
      • Review the new lease agreement and if all looks good approve and finalize it. @arasbm has shared the draft of the agreement on the forum
      • Volunteers needed to clean hard to each areas in the woodshop @pierre

    6:55 pm: Thank you and wrap up

    I would like to provide everyone with opportunity to thank someone for something they have done over the past month. Please keep it short and sweet. Just one sentence saying something like “I would like to thank Lucy the dog for being cute” would be perfect!

    7:00 pm: Meeting is adjourned

    Regardless of if we go over all items or not, the meeting will be adjourned by 7:00pm. Any item that we do not get a chance to discuss will be automatically postponed to the next meeting – or alternatively it can be discussed on the forum.

    Please submit any other items you would like to discuss as soon as possible so they can be included in our newsletter. If you feel 5 minute is not going to be sufficient time, feel free to start a thread on here and discuss your topic in details.

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    Can you explain the timing here? Are you leaving room for additional agenda items to be submitted?
    Thanks :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena yes of course anyone can submit new agenda items. Here are some general recommendations from me:

    • submit items that you think can be discussed in 5 minutes. If not, try to break it down into multiple items
    • Submit items well in advance
    • For items that require deeper discussion or might be controversial, start a separate topic on the forum
    • Give priority to items that can have actionable results

    @hdsheena I guess you might be wondering about SOP’s. I would recommend choosing one or two SOP that you think are ripe and post them as agenda item for approval. However since they have a lot of details to go through please post those well in advance.


  • Member

    Some points for clarification:
    Included in that Financial Report I would like to know where our money is going as well.
    I really don’t like the idea of a 5 minute limit of discussion. Something a little more open ended.
    Could you define “Actionable Results” and OCP?
    Retention of members should be added.

  • @Chainmaildave OCP was a typo, I meant to say SOP.

    The 5 minute limit is so that we don’t leave controversial and long or open ended discussions for the meeting. We should be having those discussions well in advance. We have to value everyone’s time during the meeting and know that not everyone there wants to stay and argue on for several hours.

    I am hoping to steer our meeting into a more formal and fun direction. It is a public event were we have a chance to update everyone about our status, our goals, our progress and achievements. It is NOT a time to make decisions about every minor issue. I also do not think meeting items should ever be a surprize to members, that is why we encourage people to submit items well in advance. If a topic is not any of those then it should be a call to action with clear suggestions as how to get involved to make something happen.

  • I am also concerned with the 5 Minute limit. We have had productive short meetings without it and is seems dictictorial to put tight leashes on what people may or may not say. I believe they are good to keep short and organised however they should also be dynamic.

  • Ok I will not enforce a 5 minute limit for the next meeting, but I would still recommend it. I have a few other ideas to keep the meeting well structured.

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    @arasbm , did you start a thread on the meeting structure ideas, so we can discuss them ahead of time?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena we can just use this thread I guess.

    Here is idea number 1: I think minutes should include only discussions relevant to agenda items. If despite all our efforts, people still go off topic, we should stop them and we should NOT include their comments in the meeting notes.

  • I am worried that that can lead pretty directly to censorship

  • Linux

    I think the first thing the membership needs to clarify is the purpose of the meetings. Do/should different meetings have different purposes? If the purpose is, as you stated above @arasbm, “a public event were we have a chance to update everyone about our status, our goals, our progress and achievements. It is NOT a time to make decisions about every minor issue”
    Then that should certainly exclude much discussion. However, I would expect the majority of those who attend meetings would feel that there should indeed be a meeting for thorough discussion and decision about minor and major issues.
    If that’s not the case, then obviously, this can be disregarded.
    I would, in fact, take the opposite approach to the meetings, and suggest that the discussion take place during the meeting, then the voting/deciding be done via the forum. This would formalize decision making, as well as enable members who cannot attend in person to have a voice. The meeting slot for that item would focus on explanation/summary and coming up with the ‘proposed question’, ideally phrased in a ‘agree/disagree’ fashion for easy voting via forum poll or similar.
    I have heard from several members that they prefer to have in person discussion, especially when it comes to decision making for the space. Online discussion is very useful for having a record of what is decided and discussed, but so much is lost when words are only pixels, without intonation and body language.
    Just a different take. :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Asking people to stay on topic is not censorship. People can submit any agenda item here, and so far we have not had to reject any agenda item. We are asking people to give all members a chance to think about the discussion topic and be able to do some research and formulate a response.

    @hdsheena Ok I will add purpose of the member meetings as an agenda item. I will have a proposal.

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    @arasbm sorry, it sent before I was ready. Just wanted to make sure you saw there was more to that post. I tried to go copy from your post and it sent. Oops!

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    @arasbm i still can’t get this to do a ‘quote reply’, but about the purpose of having presubmitted agenda items.
    I think that’s a really good idea, but I think the items need to be expanded upon ahead of time. For example, if I had input on the software that you’ve worked on and wanted to do pre-research, I don’t know if there is a forum thread (I haven’t seen one, but I missed the one about curriculum for weeks…) or anywhere else to find out what you’ve done so far, or what other options have been explored. That makes it very difficult for me to pre-research anything regarding the topic, so if the purpose of the agenda is to prepare members ahead of time, I think more detailed information is required.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I did not say that staying on topic is censorship. I said choosing what is and is not in the record can quickly become so. We should stick to the openness and inclusiveness the makerspace was founded on. However we should discuss the option of restricting peoples imput for expediency it that is necessary

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    @Nicholas said:

    I did not say that staying on topic is censorship. I said choosing what is and is not in the record can quickly become so.

    I’d rephrase this as ‘record everything, but don’t let discussion get off topic’.
    Rather than 'only record on topic discussion ’
    Does that sound accurate?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I do find this topic seems to be interesting in itself. I hope a clear resolution come so not too much time is spent on this and more into building stuff.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like we are currently discussing how we will have future discussions and possibly looking to have a meeting topic to determine how we perform future meetings.
    (Just some easy comic relief, cheers)

  • The makerspace meetings I’ve been to haven’t run overtime our gotten completely derailed. I’m not sure why there is so much stress over time spent.

    The previous minutes need to be read in their entirety. This reminds us of what we’ve decided and helps those who missed the last meeting to catch up.

    There are two ways to go off topic. The first way is to be reminded of a funny story that you want to share with the rest of the room. Then other people start sharing stories. This is a time waster but it’s important to let it go on a little bit because this is also a social event.

    The second way to go off topic is to suggest a fix for something that is too in depth for the group to deal with in a few minutes. Talking about building security wanders into a discussion about electric fencing and turrets. The best way to handle that is too break off discussion about fencing as a separate topic under new business at the end of the meeting. If we run out of time to discuss fencing before the end of the meeting then the topic of fencing can be moved to the next agenda.

    It’s more important for for everyone to be heard than to rush through the meeting

  • OK boys and girls, clearly 5 minute limit is not a popular idea, so I will scratch that.

    I still rather we do not include comments that are obviously off the topic. But if people do not want to give me a chance to try that either, then we can leave that out too.

    I just go ahead and say what the problem is that I am trying to address, hopefully nobody will take this personally. I have seen a lot of emotionally loaded topics come up in the last few meetings and I am looking for ways to avoid that, so we can focus on what is important to the space. I don’t think meeting is an opportunity to vent your frustrations. There is limited time, a lot of things to do, and a lot of achievements and positive things to focus on.

    How can we keep the meetings fun, but still efficient and avoid negativity and conflict?

    What are your ideas?

  • I think it keeps coming up in meetings because members are being ignored at other times. I would perfer that stuff not some up at a meeting but ignoring it all other times then forcing it from meetings is not fair to the members who have concerns. I think we need to find a way that everyone feels their concerns are being taken seriously. I have seen a positive increase in this latetly in the most part, but it is still a problem

  • Maybe we need a venting meeting after the regular meeting. There are always going to be conflicts and there may not be a satisfactory resolution to them. People will leave if they have concerns that are always ignored. I think we could add that to the agenda. Venting meeting.

    2nd item. I would like to see the establishment of a mess jar. Like a swear jar. If you leave a mess you owe a toonie.

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