I think Gandolf would be better as a gate then an installation wizard.

  • Learning concepts. This vid has helped me connect the dots.

  • That’s really helpful. I don’t know as much about electronics as I’d like to know and he lays it out nicely. I wish he had a schematic showing what he was wiring on the breadboard every time, but I’m sure with a bit of work it’s not too hard to find.

  • Im sure there is some logic ics at the space if you ever wanted to play around. I guess its time to play with logic ics. lolz

  • Agreed. I thought the board he made(hackmanji?) would make a great learning tool for the space even without the game. Maybe make a couple different ones with other IC’s (555, shift register, etc)? Like I say, I’m not very well-versed in electronics but it looks like a great project to learn on and could be useful to others down the road once completed!

  • We have an HP logic chip tester that is actually about ideal for explaining how a particular logic chip is supposed to work… It is intended to be used by comparing the inputs and outputs of an IC that is suspected faulty against a known good example, but for educational reasons, if you only use the known good card, it’ll show you exactly what the pins do, which is handy if you are not really sure what is supposed to happen.

    The big thing about dedicated hardware that people who learned on microcontrollers and software usually miss is that things happen concurrently… If I need to count bursts of fast pulses, I can use a microcontroller, and try to keep my counting loop tight enough to not miss any, or I can use a counter IC, and read it at a much slower rate (might be orders of magnitude slower). If my project expands to need to count many similar things, it is pretty straight forward to use several counters. If I’m clever about the use of the overflow pin, I’ll know if I am polling too slowly and have overflowed the counter and missed some data. With software counting, I’m never truly sure if I’ve missed some pulses while I process the data. I could be seeing every 10th or 100th pulse, and think that I’m getting an accurate picture.

  • @n0pe I do have a 555 thread That I started. “Is it 555 time?” I have a few 555s if you ever wanted to play with them.

  • More dots to connect.

  • If you don’t happen to have logic ics. This could be handy. I needed an AND gate. So I did this

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