Incorporating Kamloops Makerspace Society on Newtons Birthday -- Jan 4

  • January 4th is the birthday of Isaac Newton. We thought it would be a great fit to celebrate incorporating our society on that day. :smile:
    @Nicholas @meagan @Bishop and I are planning to meet on that day to go over the papers one last time and then sign them. By that time we also need to have our bylaws finished, so please feel free to help us with that.

    • When: Sunday January 4th 2015 at 4pm
    • Where: Red Beard coffee shop

    Everyone is welcome to join us! Just let us know here if you are planning to come in case we have to make any change to the time and place of meeting.

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  • Founder

    Ahhh…you were way ahead of me.

    And yes! Redbeards is an awesome spot. Mitchel is one of my local heroes.

    I’ll be there with bells on. I’m just heading into the dungeon to carve some spoons, but later on I’ll have a browse through the by-laws thread and see if I can add anything there.

    Thanks again…

  • @Bradley-Maker great! Looking forward to meeting you! I’ll keep you posted in case there are any changes in the plan.

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