Kiln Donation

  • Phillippe from @mellem contacted me and says he has a kiln to donate to makerspace.


    it is a multilayer disc system, just needs electrical

    I am going to message him back and tell him that we are interested, since we have been wanting one for a while. Let me know if you are interested and you have an idea where the kiln can go and how we could fit it in.

    Thank you @pierre for putting the word out, Philippe said that is how he found out we needed one.

    In case you don’t remember, Phillipe donated the first CNC machine to our makerspace too (Richard Gear). Thank you @mellem again! :smile:

  • It is an impressive unit… Modular, so you only need to power as much as you are using, and capable of melting and tempering metal, and doing glass work. It’ll need some serious fire-safe setup though.

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