Makerspace Fundraising Garage Sale **Saturday July 23**

  • Let’s hold a big fundraising garage sale on Saturday July 23 from 9am to 2pm. This is an opportunity to get rid of some of the extra extra tools that we have, as well as a chance to sell some of your creations to raise funds for makerspace. We will also appreciate any donations. If you have things (tools, applience, art, etc) at home that you think might sell, we would gladly accept them.

    Over the next few weeks, keep a close eyes at the tools we have at the space. As soon as you identify any tool that can go, feel free to grab a price tag and label it for sale. We will do a walk through on Friday July 22nd to make sure we have not put anything for sale that would be very useful.

    Please mark July 23 on your calendars. If you want to do some fun activities such as barbeque, demos, etc. let us know!

    So far @tinfoilknight @Chainmaildave and myself are committed to organize this event. If you want to help us, get in touch. Thanks! :smile:

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    Do you plan to have it inside the Makerspace, or will you move stuff elsewhere?

  • @Graeme it will be at makerspace!

  • We could get some dollar store boxes and personalise them on the laser printer for $5. A couple of templates with some clip art should suffice.

  • Should we do the barbecue on this same day? Ashley and I were talking and we think if we do the barbecue, it is very important to have at least two committed volunteers: one person to run the grill and another person to watch the food. There probably be other people to help you out on that day. Any takers?

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    Sorry, Im out of town working!

    But I wanted to suggest ROAST PIGEON for the BBQ. We can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak!

  • @Vaughn LOL! I am going to have to rescue those poor pigeons now, just in case! :smile:

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    I cant make this, but I donated a Mothermoon Calendar to sell - dont take less than $30 for it!

  • I just called CBC about this, they are going to air a short message about this event soon.

    Can someone post an ad on kijiji and craigslist and post the link here?

    If we all chip in an hour or so we can make this an awesome success without burning ourselves out. This is the first time we are running an event like this, so there is lot of room to be creative!

    I hope to have a bunch of demos or better yet, fundraising activities going on using all of our major tools. See if you can volunteer to run a fundraising activity on one of our machines. Let us know what you want to do.

    @Vaughn thanks for the donation!

    Thanks everybody! Lets make some money for the space this weekend and have some fun doing it! :smiley:

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    You could whip up a few of these and sell them…the RDworks file is in my folder at the laser cutter station - ‘laser shelf’. Sorry I cant help more - work is crazy right now.
    We should creat an online store to sell and/or share our Kamloops Makerspace vectors.
    0_1468880733168_Blender shelf July 2016.jpg

  • Dont forget to look into the stuff you have at home and see if you can donate something to our garage sale!

    Things that are still left to do:

    • post an ad on kijiji
    • post an ad on craigslist
    • write a post on facebook (encourage donations to be dropped off on Wednesday)
    • tweet
    • submit to KTW

    Feel free to take care of any of these and let us know as soon as you do so. Thanks!

    • I just posted a message on facebook
    • kijiji
    • I sent a message to KTW (hopefully it will end up in the Friday paper)

    I am going to be at makerspace for hack night tomorrow, and also most of the day on Thursday. Come talk to me if you want to help. I need your help, I can not do this alone!

    If you can volunteer to run a cool demo on Saturday, let me know!

  • I just put an ad on Kijiji and Craigslist. Then I saw you put one on Kijiji too. Oops.

  • @tinfoilknight no worries! 2 is better than 0! :)

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    I’m sure he’ll pipe in, but Jim has some materials to do some teaching about those batteries he mentioned, not sure if it would appeal to members more than the public…
    He also has a bunch of donations for the sale :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I will be at the space tomorrow mid day and afternoon.

    I have dropped off some items for the sale, but I am going to sell my stuff and split the profit with the space only because I am laid off, I need to make enough money to pay for this trip.

    Also, directors, please update my contact info 403-903-9546 and my old cell number is no longer valid.

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