You can use Markdown here!

  • Markdown Support

    Markdown is very nifty and powerful but the really nice thing about it is that you don’t even need to know you are using it in order to write something.

    Formatting Text

    If you want to get fancy and format your messages nice and tidy, you can use markdown syntax. Here are some examples of basic formatting:

    • *italic* -> italic
    • **bold** -> bold
    • ~~cross~~ -> cross


    Markdown is also very handy when discussing code snippets:

    myPlugin.parse = function(postContent, callback) {
      postContent = postContent.replace(/the meaning of life\?/gi, " 42 ");
      callback(null, postContent);

    Much More

    If you feel like exploring what else you can do with markdown checkout the documentations.

  • Classroom

    @arasbm this post is a really good and concise guide to markdown that contains/uses the most popular features. Bumping this because I discovered it while tagging the R Markdown post that I just made

    Thank you for tagging this post @arasbm, and making it much easier to find the valuable content that you have shared.

    @kile PS: if you have editing ability, you can try editing these two posts and compare the Markdown input, and the previewed text, but please don’t save your edits so as not to break/modify the text unintentionally.

  • Classroom

    @Nicholas just posted this amazing Markdown tutorial on another thread (which was beautifully formatted using Markdown I might add). It’s totally worth adding here.

    I have been using Markdown a lot lately, but was still having some issues with line spacing/paragraphs. The soft and hard break section of the tutorial cleared all of that up, great resource!

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