Playing with fire and electricity

  • Today I spent the day with a friend from high school. He has made a couple changes to the Tesla coil he build in high school. We also dusted off a failed pulse jet we built in the tenth grade. We originally we used a kick start on a trail-bike to ignite it. By using a neon sign transformer we had a constant and stronger spark. Took a bit to get the fuel mixture right, however it fired right up and ran until it overheated and lit the stand on fire. The Tesla coil has a new capacitor bank and rectifier, however we did not get very substantial streamers. He thinks the transformer may be shot. We are going to tinker with it tomorrow night hopefully we can get it working.
    I have pictures and video however I can not upload it here I will see what I can do tomorrow.

  • @Nicholas you can drag and drop pictures here, as long as they are not huge they should work (we just fixed it a few days ago). For videos, we have a youtube channel. I’ll add you to that channel so you can upload it there. Once you upload the video, just drop in the link to it and it will automatically be embedded here.

    Looking forward to seeing them!

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