Free Introduction to Robotics course starting soon (July 18)


    This covers mostly robotic arms and the math involved to do the forward and inverse kinematics.

    I took the previous version of the course and enjoyed it, so if you’re interested in arms, I highly recommend it.

  • Ok, I can not let this opportunity go by again. I have always wanted to design and build my own robot arm. I just signed up to take this course.

    Anyone else wants to join me on this ride? Perhaps we could make a study group for this and have a weekly meeting.

    Thanks @dhylands !

  • Looks like I accidentally enrolled while trying to figure out what it will cost. Might as well follow it through now.

  • This is a bit old. I have been wanting to share this since winter… Its a bit long though, but very cool.

    I hope to be able to work up to such things… in time. lolz

  • @Ron_Ron so does that mean you are going to take the course with us? :smirk:

  • Yes I will! :)

  • I also accidentally signed up. I will read up on some prerequisites this weekend and make sure I’m good to go.

  • When I took the course, I used the Opera browser and saved each youtube video locally so that I could go back and watch them whenever I wanted. I used this addon:

    You’ll have full access to everything for the duration of the course, but you’ll lose access a few months after the course ends.

    There were about 150 videos total, so I found it much easier to do it as I watched them rather than trying to do it afterwards. Each video has a transcript as well, so I save the transcripts too.

    I also have a copy of the text book that I could lend out for the duration of the course.

  • I just enrolled.

  • I created a Kamloops Makerspace group. The site mentions using a Lego Mindstorms robotic arm as an option. Does anyone have one and has anyone used it with Matlab?

  • I’ve used this to download videos from youtube for about as long as I’ve known that youtube existed…

    As soon as they give me access to the videos, I’ll likely hit the whole list at once over the gigabit fiber connection at work and make a local copy. If anyone wants a copy… it’ll be at the space shortly.

  • Matlab tutorial. Its just what came up high in the Google search. Makes for easy skim reading.

  • @tinfoilknight were did you make the group?

    @dhylands did you use matlab to do the exercises? Do the course require any proprietary software and do you know about any good alternative?

    Is eveyone ok with trying to meet sometime on Thursdays to watch some of the videos together and get started an weekly assignments? Lets say Thursdays at 5:30pm. Would that work?

  • I’ve done contract work with matlab before… I did almost all of the work for it in Scilab and Octave and ported it over to Matlab on the customer’s system with no issue.

  • @arasbm There are quiz style exercises which are done online, and there are coding style exercises which are done using matlab. The graded ones are done using an online version. As part of the course (usually during the first week) you’ll get a link to a student license that you can download. I used the linux version and it worked fine.

    Peter Corke (the prof) has a robotics toolbox that’s done in matlab and used during the course. The full version of the toolbox is available here: (I like having a local copy of the toolbox source code for searching/browsing). The course typically uses a stripped down version, and a link will be provided during the first week.

    There is apparently a python version of the toolbox available here: (not as mature as the matlab version).

    I have the “Robotics, Vision and Control” book. There are excerpts from the book available for downloading as part of the course material.

  • @arasbm When you go to the robotics course and click on “Learn” it brings you to the landing page. On the top right in a white box it says:

    “Support” “Events” “Forum”
    “Expand” “Close”

    Click “Expand” and you will see the group I’ve set up.

  • Lolz I joined it and invited @arasbm to it @tinfoilknight.

  • Is it a robotic arm? Or a leg? Combine six robotic arms to make a hexapod. hmm

  • I’m probably going to try to dig up the necessary vitamins to build a MeArm tonight… My boss got the kit during their kickstarter, and I put it together last year. We never got it doing anything, but at least I am familiar with the build process. I am pretty sure I have all the servos and control stuff needed on hand. I think it would make for a reasonable toy to have on display at events.

    A co-worker has offered to lend me all the pieces for a lego arm as well, so I have a backup plan if the MeArm does not work out.

    If I can get the me-arm working, I really want to scale it up. One with a 4 foot or so work envelope that can hold the “torch” part of my plasma cutter would make me a very happy person.

  • I am about 80% to 90% finished constructing a simple arm made from small servos and meccano parts. Its very simple seeing I havent added a claw or anything to it so far.

  • I’ve finished the prerequisites on Kahn Academy and I’m downloading a trial version of MATLAB. I’m only a week behind.
    Matlab at MIT open courseware

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