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  • Had a good experience with a supplier or got a great deal on some materials, tools, etc? Or perhaps you had a bad experience and want to warn others. This topic is for all things suppliers and purchasing experiences.

  • Sealed Lead Acid Batteries - - Free shipping for orders over $60 and Canadian!

  • Baltic Birch Plywood, local supplier: Windsor Plywood. About 20 bucks/sheet for 3mm

    Quality seems decent.

  • Acrylic, Local Supplier: AALLGlass on the reserve across the street from Rona.

    I paid $8 / Sq FT for 1/4" thick.

    I’ve bought Lexan (not laser cuttable, but router/tablesaw is good) which is useful if you need to make a clear impact resistant part for something… $12/ sq ft

    They will cut into smaller pieces for you if you ask nicely. I bought 1 sq ft of lexan as 4 pieces 6" square for no extra charge.

    They have a 2" thick piece of lexan with bullets embedded in it. That is the sort of thing that inspires confidence if I need it to protect me from flying pieces of metal.

  • @pierre we were just talking about Windsor Plywood being pretty reliable and having good prices for speciality plywood. Makerspace has a no cash account with them that will give you a bit of discount. Overtime they will give us more discount. When you shop at Windsor make sure to mention it is for Kamloops Makerspace.

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    @arasbm it is a cash account, and I have found their plywood to be of great quality and of comparable prices if not cheaper than any of the hardware stores. The service staff seems too be more knowledgeable about their product too.

  • Design Lab

    Computer cut vinyl, films and sign supplies:

    Wholesale Graphix (Vernon)

    These guys ship same day to the Greyhound.

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