New Desks and Drafting Table

  • I’ve delivered the drafting table and the modular office desk to the makerspace tonight. Most of the panels and components are in the hallway to the metal shop. There are more components behind the metal shop door and in the back corner of the metal shop with a sign taped to it “DO NOT RECYCLE”. There are also two bags of bolts and fasteners. Don’t lose them.

    I’ll leave it up to you to figure out where you will assemble them but one of my suggestions is to replace the picnic table in the hack room with at least half of the desk set. Included is a nice corner table with keyboard tray. I’m assuming as well that you do not want the desks sitting in that hallway forever.

  • Director

    @MIPS The desk has found a lovely home in the @Craftorium!! Thanks again!!

  • Metal

    we still need to assemble the drafting table, just not sure how it goes together!

  • We still need to figure out a place to put it. Wasn’t there mention of in the hack room? How is the progress on the new tables/desks where that picnic table is?

  • Design Lab

    They have officially re-named “drafting tables” - they are now just called “tables”, because drafting is obsolete.

  • Member

  • Drafting is not at all obsolete, just that a drafting table looks more like this these days:


  • Design Lab

    So yeah: ‘table’.

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