Lean Manufacturing - Workshop

  • Kamloops Innovation is hosting a workshop on Lean Manufacturing, next Friday July 22 from 8am-3pm at Kamloops Precision Machining.

    This workshop is free to attend & includes lunch, but advanced registration is required as we have limited seating. Please let me know here or email amanda@kamloopsinnovation.ca to book.

    Workshop details are below if you’re interested.


    Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
    “Lean” is simply the modern word for “Best Practices” or “World Class Manufacturing”.

    ​This one-day workshop is for organizations interested in learning about LEAN concepts, or are interested in a refresher. Learn more about Lean principles, continuous improvement, and how to eliminate waste in your company.

    By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

    • Understand the history and development of Lean, and the 5 Lean Principles
    • Comprehend the structure of the Toyota Production System
    • Know the difference between Process Mapping vs. Value Stream Mapping
    • Understand Continuous Improvement
    • Know the elements of the House of Lean and how to use them
    • Identify the 8 Wastes and understand the Theory of Constraints
    • Use Mistake Proofing techniques
    • Know the elements of a Kaizen exercise
    • Compare with examples of how to use these principles and tools

    Date: Friday, July 22nd
    Time: 8 - 3 PM, lunch & refreshments included
    Location: Kamloops Precision Machining, 1860 Kelly Douglas Road

    Presenter: Derek Barichievy, BCIT

    Derek’s portfolio spans 40 years Manufacturing experience which includes running companies of over 600 employees; working as a Manufacturing Executive in 8 countries on 4 Continents; and includes employers such as Toyota. Active in business teaching for many years, Derek is currently a Manufacturing Consultant, facilitator of Executive Peer Councils for the CME, as well as an Instructor for the BCIT School of Business.

    Space is limited, please RSVP here or email Amanda@kamloopsinnovation.ca .

    Powered by Kamloops Innovation, with support from NRC-IRAP, Manufacturing Innovation is a project designed to showcase new technologies and facilitate peer mentorship in the manufacturing sector in the Central Interior. [kamloopsinnovation.ca/manufacturing-innovation]

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