Our Goals for 2015 and Happy New Year!

  • 2015 is pretty much here, so I thought it would be a good time to look at what we have achieved so far and what we want to pursue as a community in the coming year.

    I think our biggest achievement has been growing the community and raising awareness in Kamloops about our existence and our mission. We did this by hosting several workshops and H4CK nights in collaboration with Kamloops Innovation Center. These events gave us a chance to get to know each other and identify some of our common goals. We also developed our web presence with our forum, website and over on social networks, to a professional and practical level. We are well connected and growing constantly, which puts us in excellent shape to start the new year with some ambitious goals!

    • Host at least one workshop per month
    • Continue hosting the H4CK nights twice a month until we have a space. The H4CK nights will then turn into a weekly free drop-in night
    • Move into a space (preferably in the first quarter)
    • Grow membership to at least 80 forum subscribers, 20 Key holders and 5 drop in members
    • Organize the first ever Kamloops Mini Maker Faire in the summer
    • Get a Laser Cutter
    • Have a ton of fun while doing all of this!

    How is that for goals for our next year? I tried to define concrete but high level goals.
    Let me know if you want anything added to this list. Any feedback is welcome!

    I wish you all a year full of learning, making, and just being your best creative self :smile:

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