Enroute to kamloops from calgary

  • If you need anything from solarbotics or MRO electronics I would be happy to go grab it, no shipping charges.

    If you have something you need hauled in a trailer, give me a call 403-903-9546 we can have a chat. It’s a empty 10’ flatbed trailer.

    If there is anything else needed, msg me I will do my best.


  • @trunner does anyone need bentonite clay?

    Does anyone have a need for some 18650 li-Ion batteries?

  • I haven’t played with them yet.

  • I don’t need anything right now, but it would be great to see you. How long are you staying in Kamloops?

    @Key-Holder Jim has been a great supporter of our makerspace since the beginning. Please make sure he is welcome when he comes to makerspace :smiley:

  • @Ron_Ron

    Perfect I will bring you some to learn about. I was also going to ask;

    if anyone wanted me to do a general information about Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries. I can explain why they are basically identical, how to salvage them for your projects, how to rejuvenate them as well as what is and is not scary about them. Might even have time to explode a few :D

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

    Thanks man! I am in town until Sunday and am bringing a truck full of garage sale items as well as the welder and a few other tools if any work is needed at the space or if someone want to borrow them for a project.

  • Thank you. I can’t wait to see you also.

  • @trunner How much are the 18650’s? I could always use some.

    If you have some bentonite, I’ll try to make refractory for the casting projects.

  • I am at the space now. Anyone who feels like helping me finish up the alarm wiring would be appreciated.

    I have to run my kids out at 3, but will be back about 20 minutes later.

    Colin, can you give me a call please. 403-903-9546

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