Scorpion Gift Basket use

  • Yesterday our car broke down AGAIN! And in the midst of trying to get it started while Katie was stranded in Clearwater, I broke the turn signal lever on the van…it wouldn’t shut off…just kept blinking right. We pulled the fuse (no more blinking at all) and ordered the massively expensive replacement ($300). In the meantime, Chris rifled through the Scorpion Gift Basket he won at the silent auction and did this. Just call us the Darfield Makerspace! And could somebody please give us a break??? We’ve been towed 4 times since May 2 because of car failures…gah!


  • Oh nice. I was hoping that the Scorpion gift basket would find a good home! :) Thank you for posting a pic.

  • Do you tap on the arcade buttons, and the lights flash based on frequency and duration of the button presses, or do the buttons operate the standard blinker circuit until you let go of them?

    I ask because a buddy and I re-wired the tail-lights in his jeep to bypass a wiring short one time… We cut off the wires that went to the bulb sockets, ran speaker wires that he happened to have in the vehicle directly to the back of the bulb sockets. The wires went to screws driven into a ~10" length of 2x4 that we found under the seat. There was a positive wire that ran to a screw, and he would “tap” on the screws with a short length of jumper wire from the positive screw to whichever light he wanted to blink… Technically legal, but terribly sketchy. You really can’t drive through Richmond traffic without a way to tell other drivers that you plan to lane change or turn… I think he ran it like that for 4 months.

  • @pierre I hold it down, it blinks normally…I let go, it stops blinking. That’s as technical as I can get! 4 months? Egads, I’m just trying to get through until Friday when the replacement part gets in. I’ve been hand signaling which is ok where we are (fairly rural) but I have to be in Kamloops Friday and you are correct…not having a reliable way to signal your intent is dangerous. The van is automatic, so this will work very well as I have a free hand!

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