PLC Workshop

  • Another cool workshop we are doing with support of Kamloops Innovation. I am pretty excited to attend this one myself. It is free for makerspace members (40$ otherwise), but you must reserve your spot since space is limited:

    >> Tickets are available on Picatic >>

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here and myself or @amanda will get back to you.

  • What is the magic code word?

  • @tinfoilknight glad you asked!

    The code for makerspace members is: kammakermember

  • I’m in :smiley:

  • I’m in.

  • Can i get signed up without a credit card.?

  • @bct I signed up using the code… it did not ask for a credit card… If you are not a drop-in member (I have trouble lining up people’s forum handles with their names in the big blue room sometimes) you could probably do that and bring cash for the workshop.

  • @bct I will save you a spot. Bring cash to the workshop. You can either pay 40$ for the workshop or pay 50$ to sign up as a member for August. Whichever works better for you :smile:

  • I definately signed-up. This will be one very long workday for me, but will be an incredible workshop.

  • Just a reminder this workshop is happening tomorrow (Thursday). There are still a few spots left, feel free to spread the word!

    I got this message from @James-TuskAuto :

    If anyone is interested, they can download the automationdirect/koyo programming software for free to mess around with:

    Its basic but its free. I am trying to get Omron to provide a software license to the makerspace. Omron offers some decent econom PLC’s that might be good for people looking to prototype things.

  • I’ve got a co-worker who would like to sign up for the workshop and get a membership for August. Should I get them to sign up for the workshop using the member code and get them to bring cash?

  • ill be there. thanks

  • @Cindos yes exactly!

  • btw I will do the 50$ sign up. thanks aras

  • @arasbm - no other signups from our end. Have a great time tonight!

  • BIG thank you to @James-TuskAuto and @n0pe for running the workshop today. Also thanks to everyone who participated – there were a lot of really good questions and discussions.



    I hope that we can do this again soon!

  • Great stuff, I know I had fun.

    Attached is a link to the presentation. If there are any questions, suggestions, etc. we’d be happy to hear them.

    Also, if there are any requests for specific topics IE: motion control, function blocks, or even more practical examples of ways to use ladder logic for future workshops, please share!

  • I thought that was a really good start-up course for PLC. I learned a ton from it. I look forward to any projects that involve function block programming or more ladder logic. Thanks for the good presentation.

  • Great start. Looking towards learning more ladder logic specific to what i will need in getting my ticket.

  • Whats up on the second installment?

  • I’ll see what I can whip up in the next little while. I’d like to have a bit of hardware available so people can test out some programming for the next course. We’ll have to discuss as a group the best way to get our hands on some of this hardware.