July 28 4:30pm

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    Hey everyone,
    We discussed increasing the frequency of our meetings at the last one, and Jim is in town and would love to come to a meeting!
    Would there be enough interest for us to have a general meeting July 28 making it biweekly?

    Let’s meet at 4:30pm on July 28 unless there are any objections.


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  • Meeting with Jim is a great idea, but this does not need to be a general meeting. I love to talk to Jim about his experiences being involved with makerspaces and get some advice to deal with various minor issues and inconveniences we are dealing with.

    On the topic of meeting frequency: we did not discuss the frequency of the meeting in the last meeting. It was not on the agenda and it is not on the notes; not sure where that came from. Perhaps someone suggested it after the meeting, but that does not mean we should do it. I personally don’t feel there is a need to increase the frequency of our general meeting, specially if there is no agenda items posted. If there are many agenda items posted we can call for a special meeting, but I believe once a month is a pretty good default frequency right now.

    There is no reason why we can not have special meetings to discuss various topics, but not every meeting has to be an official general member meeting.

    I will be there on Thursday at 4:30pm to meet with Jim. Please remember that we have the PLC workshop at 6pm that day, so we would have to be done by 5:30 and I will need to clear some room in the lounge for the workshop.

  • I was present during a discussion about meeting duration vs. frequency on the weekend, somebody (I don’t recall whom) suggested that we could start adding agenda items to a forum thread, and when we have enough items, we hold a meeting.

    If we had a month with few/no proposed items… maybe a very short meeting just to meet requirements. If we had a month where we had 40 items… maybe we need two meetings with 20 items each. I am not a fan of huge meetings, and scheduling for frequent meetings is a pain… but holding the meetings based on “things we need to discuss” rather than “it is Thursday” seems worth discussing. Anyone want to talk about it at a meeting?

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    Just a heads up, I think @trunner Jim has had something come up and needs to head out of town tomorrow morning :(

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  • Sorry folks,

    I am sorry I won’t be around. But there is a slim possibility I will be back very soon. Hopefully for the monthly meeting.

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    As I remember, we discussed having 2 meetings, a formal board meeting and a networking meeting. Each being monthly, making a meeting every two weeks, alternating.

    As I remember we discussed discussing issues casually without a strict agenda at the networking meeting, and those discussions would guide us towards setting an agenda for the board meetings based on what seemed most important or urgent.

    We also discussed transparency, and I guess efficiency vs. Transparency. I feel that using the networking meeting as a kind of testing ground for board issues is a good idea. Being a place where members or the public can have an open forum to raise issues without agenda constraints, and if they require board attention they can be added to a future agenda. I think this will allow greater opportunity for members and the public to raise issues as the board meetings are generally solidly booked. Vice versa, the board meetings can be more focused on the absolute necessities of board business without any pressure for more general conversation.

    I know that we didn’t come to any solid decisions at that meeting. But I think that we need a bit more in the way of meetings and discussion, whether a networking meeting, or a venting meeting. We need more scheduled time for discussion generally, whether or not that is a formal board meeting.

    Making a meeting at four tomorrow could be a bit awkward for me, I have to pick up my son sometime between 3-5 tomorrow. I will try and be there 4-5.

    I suggest that we have that more casual networking meeting tomorrow. It sounds like that is more or less what is happening. And maybe decide if this is something we should or need to be doing.

  • @Bradley-Maker we also have a PLC workshop at 6PM tomorrow… But you could just sign up for that. :)

    Being able to debug industrial automation systems is not a bad idea, and having an idea of the right and wrong way to implement safety interlocks is always valuable…

    Being the guy that points out: “When you turn on that blower, there is a pretty good chance the saw will start itself unexpectedly.” is much better than being the guy who gets hurt because somebody else is dumb.

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