Reprap 3D printers for sale.

  • Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’ve got two 3D printers for sale.

    Is it okay for me to post details here? I’m in Kelowna and will gladly deliver these to Kamloops one weekend.


    [Update]: The ABS printer is now sold.

    [Update for details]:

    Two 3D printers for sale. $500 each.

    One is setup to print PLA and the other is setup to print ABS. Each comes with two or more spools of plastic and extra borosilicate glass for the heated beds. I’ve built and tuned these for specifically for quality and each will do 0.1 mm if you have the time to wait for the print to complete :). They both print at 0.2 mm layer height spectacularly.

    PLA printer has an authentic JHead hotend with dual fan setup. Comes with at least two spools of PLA, blue painter’s tape for the heated bed, and a spare sheet of borosilicate glass.

    ABS printer has an authentic E3D v6 hotend and the heated bed is from the US and made to actual spec and heats up to 115C 2x faster than those commonly sourced from China. Comes with at least two spools of ABS plastic, kapton tape, and at least two spare sheets of borosilicate glass.

    Aluminum frames, RAMPS board running Marlin firmware. LCD display and dial/button controller with SD card slot.

    These are P3 Aluminum reprap printers, based on the Prusa i3.


    More photos here:

    I love both of these printers and have spent a lot of time keeping them tuned and running well, just like the Mendel90 I built and owned before them. I’ve got a third printer on the way (Tiko3D), and would like something like a Rostock with more print volume, so I’m reluctantly letting these two go, hopefully to a home where they will be loved like they were here!



  • @jay sure why not! There is a lot of interest in our group in 3D printing. Feel free to post more details and pictures.

  • @arasbm Thanks! I’ll update my post.

  • The ABS printer is SOLD! Only the PLA printer remains.

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