• Looks like @trunner may have left us a hackable roomba to play with… We should come up with something awesome to do with it. Preferably something that will show off well at events where we can draw public attention and potentially new membership.

    So far, I’m thinking that the Scutters from Red Dwarf:
    are do-able.

    I’m already working on robot arm stuff.

    A Dalek, or R2D2 would not be difficult, and opens up possible snack and beverage delivery side-effects. I would love to make it also mop and clean floors if I was working on this… because that would decrease the work-load in the space.

    Large scale 2D printers have been built by people who just attached a chalk or marker head to the roomba. It’d be tempting to do a huge turtle-graphics fractal in chalk in the parking lot.

    There are potential uses involving haunted house props on a motorized robotic base.

    Might be best to just upgrade the electronics and add hard points to bolt on modular stuff. Anyone else have any good ideas?

  • OMG. Thats awesome!

  • Metal

    Turtle graphics!!! Yes! Reprogram the controller and design a spring loaded sidewalk chalk holder and turn it loose at events !!!

  • It would have great nostalgia value for me… The first computer programming I ever did was in logo (the original turtle graphics language) writing programs to make a computer draw vector fractals on a TV screen. I walked in on my dad learning logo at about 4 years old, and had to know how he was controlling the TV to do his bidding, and how the math behind the exceedingly simple yet complex pictures worked. We had a Franklin Apple ][ clone with a Z80 card so I have no idea now if it was running on the Apple subsystem or the CPM one… Now, 33 years, and 50+ programming languages later, I’d love to pay that experience forward.

  • I see roombas loaded with seeds planting my beets and carrots at the perfect spacing in my garden rows. Possible?

  • Sounds like I need to bring a few more roomba to the space. I will see what I can do.

  • Sounds like fun! :)
    May be mix it up with some arduino laser tag.
    or shoot nerf darts.

  • @peterflannery I think the wheels would dig into the ground but a planting robot should be possible

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