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  • Hello,
    I am wondering if anyone can help me with a 3D printer. I am looking to print out a mask from shapeways, and was wondering if there is a 3D printer at the makerspace I could use, and if anyone would be willing to help me with using it. I am happy to pay/donate for the time of any individual willing to help, and for use of the printer.
    I have intended to visit the wednesday open house for quite some time, however I work night shifts on weekdays and have been unable to attend.

    Thank you,

  • When do you need it done? I’m usually up for helping with this stuff, but am going on a trip in early August for about a week.

  • Honestly as soon as possible. I would love to see if it could be done this weekend. I work at 4:30 every evening, so days are what works for me. If you have any spare time in the next couple days please let me know.


  • Come by on the weekend, or the first or second during the day, and I will do what I can to help you.

    If you post up the files it’ll be easier to see what needs to be done.

  • So your first problem is going to be the 6x6x6" build volume of the machine we currently have running. It won’t print a full sized mask unless you have a very small head.

  • How easy is it to digitally cut the model into 4 pieces for print?

  • You could try that. It’ll want to delaminate from the bed, but setting up your support properly will help with that. I’d be tempted to try pulling the model into Blender and follow these instructions to make a pattern that can be produced using the laser cutter and vinyl cutter:

    If you lasered it into Worbla, heat-formed it into shape, then applied vinyl decals and a matte clear coat, it’d look pretty badass. Leather is another very interesting material to use for these projects.

  • That could work. The thing is i was planning on using the abs as a base to hand sculpt my detail on and paint. This is sort of my cheat route to already having a blank already shaped correctly.

    Do you have any suggestions for a program that i could you to try and cut the model into four pieces to print separately? I dont know what delaminate from the bed means.


  • Chopping it up won’t be difficult. I can take a crack at it after work today if I have a bit of free time.

  • Thank you so much. That is amazing of you!

  • I’m hoping to show up at the makerspace tomorrow around 1-1:30 tomorrow. Will that work for you?

  • I’ll PM you.

  • Metal

    It occurs to me that @toxuin had a printer with a 1 cubic foot print area, should be large enough to do the whole mask.
    Hey @toxuin ! is your printer back up and running yet??

  • 3D

    @fullmetalbuddha not yet, but I am working on it…

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