out of towners.

  • Just a thread to carpool to the makerspace courses and events. I live in salmon arm and enderby and have an extra cab p/u that will transport 4 people.

  • Thats interesting. I didn’t know there were people who need a lift. Next time I am driving in from Calgary i will post here and offer. I can transport 4 additional people.

  • Metal

    @bct said:

    space courses and events. I live in sal

    I live in Sicamous and have missed out on a few courses at the Makerspace that I was interested in (PLC programming would have been sweet). The weekday scheduling is a bit of an issue for me since it would typically require taking time off work to be able to make it on time. If there is an event that I am able to schedule in I am definitely interested in carpool. I also have a vehicle that can fit 4 others comfortably, so there can be options/rotation of the vehicle.
    Since you are close to my location we should chat sometime. I am hoping to get a group of individuals together out our way that would want to meet up once in a while and work on/discuss projects. :-)

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