Fusion360 and CNC engraving

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    I recently posted in a different thread (https://community.kamloopsmakerspace.com/topic/433/3d-cad-workshop/19) requesting help with using Fusion360 for CAM applications. @pierre and @Jacob-S graciously offered some assistance and that coupled with my own tenacity resulted in a basic understanding of how to get a design (from Inkscape) into Fusion360 and generate engraving tool paths with the CAM function.

    I created this post so it would stand out a little, and let people know that I may be able to offer assistance (at a low level) to get you started with Fusion360 and engraving.

    I intend to make a video of the steps I use in the future (decent free video editing software suggestions anyone?)

  • Cool! I look forward to seeing the progress you have made.
    For video editing I would recommend openshot.

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