37" Thickness Sander for Woodshop @ Makerspace (need parts)

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    Hey all,
    So I’m looking to build a 37inch thickness sander both for my new venture and I figure I might as well build 2 while I’m at it. Ideally I’d like to salvage/beg/borrow/steal the various pieces needed for the Makerspace unit and if I can do the same for my home unit that would be a bonus to…but I am willing to pay for the pieces needed for my personal unit.

    I should have the wood needed to build both units around in my shop. What I do need is

    1/2hp or 3/4hp motor (120v preferably) x 2
    2inch pulley x1
    5inch x 1
    37inch of piano hinge x1

    I think I have most of the other parts but I will update as things progress.

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    Here’s a link to the plans…basically similar to what I’m intending to build with a few modifications


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