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    Is anyone interested in random usable parts from automobiles? I work in collision repair and often end up with parts that are still use full but have slight cosmetic damage (or sometime are simply spares if we get used assemblies) I have a few regulator motors from power windows, seat belt material, and speakers (and other stuff I can think of right now) I hate to throw these things away so I’m hoping someone can find documents a creative use for them. I can save them up and bring them to Kamloops whenever I make a trip in.

  • Brake Rotors are made of a very nice grade of machinable cast iron. I like making parts out of that stuff… Drums also make great bases for mobile but stable tools.

    There are some great high-carbon and high-tensile steel parts in cars too… Axles, push-rods, etc.

    Pistons are made from decent machinable metal.

    Aluminum engine blocks, and rims are made from very nice castable alloy.

    Bill Holmes wrote extensively about his experiences salvaging rusted out car parts to repair rifles during WWII… He would have been a pre-teen gunsmith/machinist at that time, all new parts were being sent overseas, and due to food shortages, being able to forage for any meat would be very valuable in his town. I’ll see if I can dig up the table of “where to scrounge metal with these properties…”

  • Sounds like a great source of 12v motors! Lots have small relay boards and mosfets!

  • The matched sets of multi-pin connectors out of wiring harnesses are also very hackable… especially the water-proof ones.

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    @pierre I don’t often get lucky enough to get a matched set of electrical connectors. I do get a few harnesses that I have salvaged wire lengths from in the past. Brake rotors I can hang onto if there is a desire for them. I believe I have 2 or 3 in the scrap pile right now. I have one window regulator assembly right now that is headed to the scrap pile unless I grab it. I also have a few cv axles, and a couple of truck spring rods.
    If there is an actual desire for these parts at the space I will toss some in a bin and bring them into the space. I just don’t want to be bringing stuff that is only going to end up as clutter. I know from my own house how quickly good intentions of saving parts for future projects can turn into a mess.

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    Power window motors and windshield washer pumps are definately in demand, and I’m sure the Craft Lab will find a use for seat belt straps once the industrial sewing machine is up and running… I say bring anything you think we could use and we can recycle the leftovers once everyone has had a chance to pick though it all.
    Thanks for thinking of the Makerspace!!!

  • Power steering pump. I’ve been thinking on and off about building poor-man’s hydraulics around one for years.

  • If you have most any lightly used parts to fit an early '90’s GMC half ton 4x4 or a 92 Lumina APV van, I’d be interested in them for my vehicles too. I likely will need to do CV joints on the pickup in the next year or so. I’m looking for a few specific pieces for each, but I’d take what is available given how scarce parts are getting (mostly for the van). :)

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    @fullmetalbuddha I have a bag of windshield washer pumps somewhere in my collection, I’ll dig that out and put in in a bin to bring in to the space. I’ll throw in some of the nicer seat belt material too. I should have 4 or 5 sections of it.

    @pierre Chances that I will get parts for the van is slim, but there are a few 95 ish era gmc/chev Pickups around that may end up being parted out one day. I’ll keep you in mind if their time comes.

    I will put together a collection of parts that I think may be desirable for the space and bring it in next time I am in Kamloops. I hope someone will be able to put some of this stuff to good use!

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