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    We had a lot of computers donated today. I am asking for someone to determine what to do with them or break them down into useable components. Maybe get one for use with the laser cutter?

  • I can probably slip in sometime Sunday if you would like as I have errands to run in town.

  • @MIPS Let me know when you go in and I can be a grunt. I am happy to scab together a windows machine that can facilitate the laser.

  • Design Lab

    The computer in the design lab is abysmally slow and needs an upgrade. It has to be windows xp to support the driver for the vinyl cutter, though. Can’t find a driver for the vinyl cutter for a new o/'s. More when I’m back, but if u see a good faster machine that might suit that it would be welcome!

  • I went around last night and pulled specs on most of the running machines. I’ll try to get specs on the new ones this weekend and then we can see about upgrading everything we can.

    Most of the new machines that just came in have one or more hard drives in them, so we are good to figure out what we can use from either the old or new stuff.

    There appears to be a complete DVR unit too, which would be handy to increase the capacity of the security cameras.

  • I was in yesterday and finished tagging the machines. Some machines do not have power supplies or immediately useable motherboards but there is more than enough fodder to go around. I’ll dig up my SP3 disc and cheat sheet of OEM serials. I’ll come in Wednesday and at least try to get at least two machines in a position where they can be cert’d for use.

  • I spent tonight building and throwing very basic Windows installs on some machines. In all there are seven machines running with either Windows XP or Windows 7 (and one setup specifically to run STSplus via MS-DOS and Windows 3.1), depending on weather or not they support 64-bit. They do not NEED to run either OS and I can swap the version around if you prefer or you can install Linux.
    You can find them marked with blue tape under the table in the hack room. Their specs do vary but we got a metric crapton of build fodder in the other machines so if you need better parts like ram or a video card I will be stripping the remaining machines next week and you can pick from that.

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