Great movie: Tim's Vermeer

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    Thought I’d pass along a great movie that I watched last night. It is a documentary called “Tim’s Vermeer”, I found it on netflix.

    It is the story of an inventor who came up with a theory that classic dutch Painter Vermeer may have been using optics of some sort to get his photo-like paintings to almost glow with perfect lighting. So he came up with a system of a lens and a mirror that allowed him to very mechanically get perfect tone match from a live scene onto his canvas. So he wanted to do it right. He consulted with experts, collected antiques, and found it very hard to find 16th century furniture to loan. So he actually made most of the things in the painting. He built a room, ground his own lenses, had costumes made, made furniture, and mixed his own paints from the same pigments Vermeer would have had access to. He is not a carpenter, not a lens grinder, he is not even a painter at all. But he manages to spend well over 100 days in his custom room with his lens and mirror system and paints a pretty reasonable copy of Vermeer’s “The Music Lesson”. It is an amazing film, and he seems to make a very good case that Vermeer was using some lens and mirror system.

    Highly recommended as inspiration for any maker.

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