laser cutter badge/intro

  • Wood

    Wondering if anyone is available to get me trained up on the laser cutter? Maybe there are others interested in it as well?

  • Design Lab

    I am working on a workshop for Sept that will focus on slot construction techniques and general laser cutter operation. More when I’m back next week!

  • Metal

    @arasbm and I have been talking about putting on another Lasercutter 101 workshop soon, possibly the last week of august?
    Anybody else interested in getting their Lasercutter skill badge? chime in here and we’ll set a date for it, we need about 3-5 people to put on a workshop.

  • I would be very interested . I press my own skateboards at my shop at home but and struggling to find a unique way to apply graphics. I think this would be prefect!!!@fullmetalbuddha

  • I am in!

  • Design Lab

    @DCHydro hey I am up for helping get you up to speed on the laser and I am pretty handy with vectors. If you dont have anything in the works, let me know and Ill do an impromtue evening with anyone interested.

    We can start upstairs in the Design Lab with some vector drawing and then head on down to the Fab Shop and do some cutting.

    over and out

  • Design Lab

    I am doing a Laser Cutter 103 (Slot Construction) workshop Thurs Sept 22 6-9pm. We will look at techniques for lasercutting 1/8" plywood slot construction objects, do a simple laser cut and build, go over basic laser cutter operation and leave room for participants pet project development.

    Tell those that might be interested!

    Just a heads up - It’s on the calendar, but I need to get the deets on picatic…

    @DCHydro @Jonez

  • Wood

    @Vaughn sorry I haven’t responded…been a busy week. It would be awesome to get an intro from you, I’m available any evening pretty much so what works best for you, thanks

  • Design Lab

    @DCHydro how about an hour or two tomorrow Thursday night to get started? 6-8pm-ish? Bring any files or drawings that illustrate what you are after.

  • Wood

    @Vaughn sounds great, tomorrow thursday 6-8. See you then.

  • @fullmetalbuddha Leslie and I would be interested in a intro (101) course. We are back - it has been a crazy summer!

  • Metal

    Looks like there is enough interest to put on another Laser 101 workshop.
    I’m thinking next week, Friday Sept. 2 at 6pm if that works for everyone. RSVP to myself or on this thread to confirm a spot.

    $40/person for the public
    Free for current Makerspace members.

    Completing this workshop will get you a Lasercutter keyfob (which you’ll make yourself with the lasercutter!! ) and the knowledge required to safely and effectively use one of the coolest tools we have at the Makerspace so you can take full advantage of Vaughn’s design workshop later in the month!!

  • Design Lab

    @fullmetalbuddha Should a FB Makerspace EVENT page be created for these workshops? This would allow easy sharing and get the word out better. I would def share it on my artist page.

  • Wood

    @Vaughn @fullmetalbuddha I agree…I’d share as well. I think a big part of increasing our membership is increasing our visability in the community and abroad…fb, insta, pinterest, etc can be pushed by all members and shared. Think of all the shiny things we could buy with lots of new members!

  • Metal

    We could put together an event page but I wanted to keep this workshop fairly small, like 5-6 people. Il organize another one for next month and advertise it.

  • @fullmetalbuddha I’m in like Flynn

  • @fullmetalbuddha it looks like there is enough interest to get a group of 5 or so together. Is there any time that would work for you this Friday?

  • Wood

    @arasbm @fullmetalbuddha so is this happenning tomorrow? Just wondering otherwise I have to go to vancouver thursday but will postpone if this is going to happen tomorrow.

  • @DCHydro my bad, I just realized @fullmetalbuddha had already set the date for this workshop to this Friday (September 2nd) at 6pm

    So far we have @Plumtree (Tony and Nick), @Shelaigh (Shelaigh and Leslie) and @megan-fenkhuber are planning to come. If anyone else can make it, let us know here.

    If you are interested but can not make it this Friday, let us know as well and we will try to run a second session.

  • Hi all! Sorry we too are away for the long weekend ( I too thought it was Thursday nite?)
    Leaving for Van right after work on Friday.
    Let us know when the next one is.
    Shelaigh & Leslie

  • @Shelaigh no worries, thanks for letting us know! Have a safe trip! :)

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