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    Hello, fellow members and guests.

    Today we’ve implemented one little feature: the makerspace status on the web. Right now it takes a form of a button of either green or blue color.

    0_1471569646930_Screenshot 2016-08-18 18.10.43.png

    This button can be triggered by anyone who is a part of Drop In Member group. When you click it - it changes it’s state. Easy, really.

    For those members who did change their home page on the forum to anything other than “Recent” page, you can find this button on the “Recent” page.

    Please handle with care. Do not push-to-test out of boredom because it is actually visible to anyone who is logged in, not just you, and it changes state right away (no confirmation window).

    This is not a permanent solution, however. This button is a quick and dirty solution and Someday © it will be replaced with proper physical internet-of-things kind of solution, but this day is not today. Today all we got is this button and it’s better than nothing, I guess.

    If you guys have any comments or you notice this button does not work as expecting, please let me know.

  • This is really awesome @toxuin ! It makes me so happy to see someone talented like you can take a simple idea and turn it into a feature for everyone to use. You underestimate how skilled you are! I am really looking forward to using this plugin and seeing many more from you and other members in future.

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    Can the button be triggered by drop in members or Keyholders? other than that question I have to say its Awesome!! thanks @toxuin

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    Initially we thought that only keyholders should be able to flip-flop it, but then we’d assumed it’d be a good idea to allow drop-ins to do this too. And since all Keyholders are also “Drop In Member” group members, it allows both groups to do the triggering.

  • Can the button be triggered by drop in members or Keyholders?

    @toxuin made it customizable! I currently have it set to Drop in members, but it can be changed if we need to. :smile_cat:

  • It was not working for me, but then I realized that I was not part of the drop in members group… I joined the group and now it works great. Good job @toxuin

    Only one question now… Is there a way to trigger it from a REST request? Some url I can GET or POST to that will close or open the space… I did a semi-automated thing on the raspi that runs the 3d printer a few weeks back to make it post to twitter for me, and I’d love to make that same script operate the forum button.

  • Also… I hope we can pull metrics off this thing. It gives me good ideas for an award for next fundraiser dinner.

  • @pierre no metric codes in there yet since we intentionally decided to keep it simple. So we are currently not tracking who is pressing the button, just that it was pressed by an authorized user. Also we don’t log anything from this plugin. @toxuin would know better, since he wrote the whole thing, how easy it would be to add such metrics.

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    @pierre no metrics as of now. API is easily implementable, but we’d need to think through the authentication side of it.
    I’d rather not delve into hardcore extending this current implementation as it is very basic and definitely will be deprecated and replaced with more advanced one, most likely written from scratch. Surely we can add simple features like logging and public API, but bear in mind that this API is going to be deprecated along with the button, so i’d keep it dirty and simple to not to tie a lot of devices and services to it.

  • I think something that would be handy is a timestamp shown for the last time the button changed state. It would give you somewhat arbitrary idea of how long it can be expected to be open, etc. Just a thought!

  • @n0pe and it would also be useful if usage was tracked so we could get an idea when the space was in use for thermostat purposes

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    @toxuin would it be possible to have a reset at like 3am so if the toggle doesn’t get “closed” when the last person leaves no one is confused in the morning?

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