Phone system donation and is it time to get a land line?

  • I think there are several advantages to having a land line and a nice phone system at makerspace. People can call us if they are heading to makerspace, or if they are curious and have some questions. Currently I am using a second VOIP number (778 654 4611) on my personal phone which I set up as a temporary measure when we started. I get anywhere from a couple to a dozon calls per week depending on what is happening. Most of the calls are regarding hack nights but there is the occasional call for custom work. The calls usually go to voice mail which gets emailed to me and I call them back. It is far from perfect, but it has been doing the job so far.

    I am bringing this up now because one of our generous sponsors contacted me and said that they have just upgraded their phone system and are willing to donate their previous system to us:

    It’s a Toshiba Strata DK40i that can have up to 24 extensions. This would certainly let you put a phone in every room there, and it also acts as an intercom, pager, voice mail, etc. It’s a working system and I don’t really want to see it used for parts.

    Do you think we should setup this system at makespace and get a phone number? Do you have suggestions where we should get the number from?

  • We have a land line on the alarm system. It is just a matter of punching it down into the phone panel if you want it to show up building wide.

  • @pierre Excellent! Can you explain a bit how that is set up? Are you paying for it? How much will it cost per month? Who is the service provider? Thanks!

    Also, you did not say if you like the idea of having a full blown phone system at the space or not :smile:

  • I work for a phone company/ISP. My boss gave me an ata to use for the alarm system at the space. It takes two extensions and turns them into analog phone lines to talk to things like alarm systems fax machines and old school telephones. It talks to a PBX that runs asterisk on Linux. It is much more feature rich than the Toshiba on-site systems because I can make it run arbitrary code in response to whatever event I want, and it is not tied to the internet at the space… traffic routes through harbor center in Vancouver

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