Art in the Dark - October 15

  • Good News Everyone!

    We have been invited again by our great friends at KAC to participate in their Art in the Dark fundraising event. We were there last year and honestly I think it has been one of the most fun events we have participated in.

    This year Kamloops Art Council is offering all Kamloops Makerspace members 25% discount, so tickets for us will be 30$. In return we should create a few really awesome projects and help promote the event. I don’t think they have officially announced the event date yet, but they told me it will be on Saturday, Oct. 15.

    It is a great chance for us to shine and have some great fun. I propose we come up with a theme for our costumes this year that can get us in the spot light. We can also work on several projects in parallel.

    LED’s, EL wires, lasers, fiber optics, fire, glowing pickles? As far as I know sky is the limit. So use your imagination, turn on the :bulb: in your head, and come up with some bright ideas for a cool project. You can also join someone else in their efforts to make something very cool. :shipit:

    Lets use this thread to fire some ideas and highlight the projects you are ecstatic about.

    ps: puns are very welcome in this thread ;)

  • Ideas:

    • Leap Motion controller set up with a projector. Stand up station people can use as they walk by projected onto lycra.

    • Slot constructed “blender sculpture” by Vaughn with arduino lighting.

    • Infinity mirror.

    • Propane fire pit filled with sand:

    • UV corn starch speaker sculptures:

  • I have been wanting to do this for a long time.

  • @Ron_Ron are you referring to the UV corn starch speaker demo? I know @fullmetalbuddha was interested in that project too. When do you think you can work on it? :)

    If anyone starts other interesting projects for art in the dark, keep us posted!

  • Metal

    UV magic mud will happen!! I know @Ron_Ron and I both really want to play with this, as soon as I can source a suitable sub-woofer or large enough speaker I want to hook it up to one of his synthesizer sound box thingys and get crazy!

  • Design Lab

    @fullmetalbuddha be sure to chuck a few eyeballs into the cornstarch to make it mroe halloweeny.

  • A sneak peek of what I wish to do next. Muahahha

  • @Ron_Ron woha, I think I see where you are going with this ;) … pretty cool!

  • How about making and handing out some Throwies?

  • So it turns out I will be in Vancouver on the 15th unfortunately. Having said that, I am more than happy to lend the leap motion(hand sensor) and my projector for the event if someone doesn’t mind setting it up and taking it down. You will just need a half decent computer or laptop to run it. It ran okay on my 5 year old dell laptop with an i7 in it even on the integrated graphics so I don’t think you need anything crazy.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen the leap motion in action, it’s here:

  • Design Lab

    @n0pe yeah man - bring the gear in tomorrow night and lets find a computer that suits, set this thing up, test drive it and we will bring it to Art in the Dark!

  • @Vaughn I’ll be in around 5:00 with the leap motion. We can figure it out with a monitor and find a half-decent PC from the pile then I can bring in the projector in a few days before the 15th or one night between now and then to test out what it looks like on lycra.

  • Design Lab

    @n0pe sounds good - ill bring the lycra in - I was thinking about different ways to stretch it… maybe set it up in the design lab

    Ill come in at 5pm, too and we can work it. There are some good comps under the hack table.

    thanks man!

  • Design Lab

    @n0pe aslo, I scooped a box from the hackspace and its setup in the DL

  • Design Lab

    @n0pe arg! sorry I got sidetracked with another project! :( reshedule? maybe weds night? Sorry to stand ya, man!

  • @Vaughn No worries, man. The guys told me I had just missed you. Wednesday night works!

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