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    A bunch of people here are clearly interested in programming, open source software, etc. Do you run an alternative OS? Have an interest in learning more? Write programs for work or hobby? Post!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I’m a software developer by day and like to play with robotics by night. This has led me to all kinds of interesting side fields, like electronics, mechanics, machining, 3D-printing, and embedded programming.

    I’ve been programming the AVR since before Arduino existed, and recently got into MicroPython running on a small ARM processor.

    Nowadays, I use linux as my main OS on all of my laptops and desktops. I have a lonely laptop running windows for those situations where I need it.

    I’ve been working in the embedded linux arena (in the form of phones - both mobile and wired) for about a decade.

    I also have a bunch of various development boards of all kinds that I’m willing to either lend out or give away.

    If people are interested in learning embedded programming, then I’d be more than happy to help out (either by giving a focused presentation, or by hacking, or whatever).

    If people would like to combine some electronics (solder together your own arduino), I’m up for that too.

  • I became really interested in free software when I started going to TRU about 10 years ago and ever since I ran Linux on all my machines and have been using and supporting open source software whenever I can. I went through grad school without ever touching any propitiatory software. I remember negotiating with some of the profs about assignments and ended up programming some assignments from scratch using free software libraries instead of using stuff like mathlab.

    For the past few years, up until a month ago, I was working as a freelance software developer doing mobile web stuff. I am pretty comfortable with JavaScript and CSS. I am also interested in python, but I never had a chance to learn enough python.

    That being said, don’t worry if you are not into free/open source software stuff, and if we ever need to setup windows or other propitiatory software to get stuff running at makerspace, I will not stand in your way :). But I have already met several people who use Linux and open source software within our community, so perhaps it is time we create a small subgroup for this?

    If people are interested in learning embedded programming, then I’d be more than happy to help out

    @dhylands I am! If there are a few others waiting to learn more about embedded programming then we will totally have to take you up on that. I will create another thread to start planning workshops for the next few months.

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