We need a volunteer for tech brew -- September 21, 2016

  • We have been invited again by Kamloops Innovation to participate in the annual Tech Brew event. We need a couple of volunteers to commit to setting up a table at this event. They are offering us one complimentary ticket which includes one drink ticket and one tshirt. Anyone else that would like to attend can purchase tickets online - $25 each.

    I am most likely going to be out of town that week for work, so I thought I post here and see if anyone would like to set up a table and represent makerspace at this event.

    cc @amanda

  • Thanks Aras!

    We’re expecting 200+ to attend this year, it’ll be a bit bigger than last year.

    Venue: iTel Networks (1850 Mission Flats Road)
    Date: Wed Sept 21st, 5-7pm


    • Food trucks
    • Craft Beer
    • Live Music
    • Technology Showcase
    • Bubble Soccer
    • Scooter Tours of iTel’s new space… and more!

    Hope to see some of you there either at the booth or just attending! Tickets on sale now: http://kamloopsinnovation.ca/techbrew/

  • I’ll be there… But iTel is buying my ticket. :)

  • Design Lab


    I’d be into setting up and manning the Makerspace booth at this, although I havent done that before and am unsure what it would involve. If someone will help me get up to speed and figure it out, Ill do it. Maybe @Chainmaildave has the details?

  • Hey @Vaughn!

    Some pictures from last year to give you an idea of what the event will be like, and what the Kamloops Makerspace table setup was: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.754723324633418.1073741904.150336285072128&type=1&l=18620d24bd

    If you guys will need power just let me know! We’ll have a table for you.

    Setup anytime between 3-4:30, event starts at 5.

    iTel is also having a grand opening celebration between 2-5pm before TechBrew starts, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:15 and speeches by Todd Stone and Shirley Vickers, the new CEO of BCIC. Those details are here.

  • Design Lab

    Allright I talked to Dave about getting demo stuff together and Ill do it fo sho.

  • Design Lab

    @Chainmaildave @pierre

    I was hoping to pick your brain and gather the gack needed to do a decent table for this - lets put our heads together while there is time? A list of what to bring would be handy!


  • Director

    @Vaughn I have just bought a folding table for the @Craftorium that you can use!

  • Design Lab

    @megan.fenkhuber Excellent! I will definately use that for TechBrew.
    @arasbm do we have a market awning? Is teechbrew an outdoor event?
    Thanks to you both :)

  • @Vaughn techbrew is at a new venue this year. My guess is that it is indoors. @amanda could you confirm if it is indoors and how much space we will have?

  • Design Lab

    @amanda Hi Amanda - we am planning to setup a MakerSpace booth at TechBrew, and wondered the following:

    Is the event indoors or out?
    Should I bring a table?
    Is there power available?

    Thanks :)

  • Techbrew is in the new iTel head offices this year. Indoors, with power.

  • @Vaughn There will be tables provided! Power - yes. Indoors!

  • Design Lab

    OK, we’re locked in! @Chainmaildave and I (and anyone else who cares to partake) will gather some demos and stuff and get it on the launch pad.

    @Chainmaildave - as this is on Weds (HackNight), do you want to come with, or hold down the fort at the Space? I dont mind doing it alone, but company is good!

  • Design Lab


    I teach a workshop at the MakerSpace Weds til 5 pm, so I CANT MAKE THE SETUP time for this (3-4:30pm @ Itel) - I apologize for the schedule conflict!

    I can be up there at 5:30 to man the booth, but it looks like unless someone else can setup, we’re hooped here!

    Super sorry - what to do??

    @amanda @arasbm @fullmetalmaker @n0pe

  • Pretty easy to solve… I can load every thing in my van the night before, I work until 4 and can do the setup immediately afterwards

  • Design Lab

    @pierre money! I’ll come at 5:30 at the latest (my workshop ends at 5) and take over the booth + tear down and return the gack to the Space.

    Thanks, Pierre! You rocketh.

  • @Vaughn Amazing! So everything looks to be still good to go for Wednesday.

    Thanks everyone - see you then!

  • I bought a ticket last night. I can spend some time at the booth too so nobody gets stuck there the whole time

  • Design Lab

    Ill be there by 5:20. Looks like Pierre and Nicholas can setup and Ill take down.

  • @Nicholas and @tinfoilknight ate here. Table is set up. Party is ongoing.

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