Video Time Capsule

  • I have an old hard drive video camera that has a big hard drive and the broken screen basically turns it into a video time capsule. (Can take video but can’t review the video taken).

    I want to leave it at the the Maker Space for the month of September, allowing you to capture your projects, progress or whatever you want to capture.

    At the end of the month I am going to collect the camera and try to edit together a video.

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the project?



  • This is awesome! Thank you @nevin ! I look forward to using it! :smile:

  • I hope to try to leave it in different places each month around Kamloops and see if I can craft a story out off the footage collected each month! We shall see how it goes!

  • Good project. I encourage more video capturing.

  • Will anyone be around tomorrow morning so that I can drop it off?

  • I think it’s a great idea. I’ve always had a thing for time lapse compilations.

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