Agenda and Notes for Member Meeting -- Thursday September 8th at 6:00pm

  • Kamloops Makerspace General Member Meeting – Thursday 8th 6:00pm to 7:00pm

    Rotating meeting chair: @Nicholas

    Note taker: @Vaughn

    6:00pm: Welcome and roll call

    6:05pm: New members this month

    Mention the name of new members that have signed up this month and if they are present, give them a chance to talk about their interests. We have 7 new members this month:

    6:10pm: Agenda

    • One of the building owners (Kevin) would like to meet the board and share some of their thoughts
    • After school program by @Vaughn
    • Homeschool program (we need volunteer instructors)
    • Haunted house
    • Art in the dark
    • Financial report
    • Discuss A webpage or some way to auction or otherwise sell items (that we don’t need) donated to the Makerspace or made by members for sale. @Chainmaildave
    • Discussion of winter preparations, gutters, heat system, insulation etc
      • @arasbm has talked to Kevin (building owner) about the gutter above fabshop/woodshop. They will fix it.
      • Kevin is planning to repair or replace the roof this fall, except the section above woodshop
      • Kevin has talked to a company about upgrading the heating system. They believe the existing structure is sound. They think most of the inefficiency is due to lack of insulation and not the boilers themselves
    • Serious milling machine @pierre
    • Collaboration Opportunity with North Kamloops Library @arasbm
      • My name is Meg Ross and I am the Youth Services/Literacy Librarian at the North Kamloops Library. I am contacting the Makerspace to see if you would be interested in collaborating with the library on a Teen Program for Unplug and Play week in January. Ideally, I would like to run a Take Apart Night, where teens can have an opportunity to disassemble some old technology to see how everything is put together and how everything works

    6:50pm: Thank you and wrap up

    I would like to provide everyone with opportunity to thank someone for something they have done over the past month. Please keep it short and sweet. Just one sentence saying something like “I would like to thank Lucy the dog for being cute” would be perfect!

    6:55pm: Plan Next Meeting

    Confirm next meeting is on Thursday October 13th at 6pm

    • Ask for a rotating chair volunteer for next meeting
    • Ask for a note taker volunteer for next meeting

    7:00pm: Meeting is adjourned

    Any item that we do not get a chance to discuss will be automatically postponed to the next meeting – or alternatively it can be discussed on the forum.

    Please submit any other items you would like to discuss as soon as possible so they can be included in our newsletter. If you feel 5 minute is not going to be sufficient time, feel free to start a new thread on this forum and discuss your topic in details before the meeting

  • Design Lab

    Ill do notes, if no-one else cares to.

  • Member

    Discuss A webpage or some way to auction or otherwise sell items (that we don’t need) donated to the Makerspace or made by members for sale.

  • Member

    Discussion of winter preparations, gutters, heat system, insulation etc

  • @pierre is it 3 phase!? lol

  • I’d assume so… It is a decent sized chunk of iron. It would solve all of our “I need a bigger machine” issues I think.

  • We just got a message from the TNRD library about collaborating with them for the unplug and play event in January. I would like to add that to the agenda as well.

  • Design Lab

    Members Meeting minutes for Sept 8, 2016 6pm
    taken by @vaughn in realtime

    Chaired by Nicholas

    Present: Nic, Pierre, Heather, Brad, Vaughn, Tyler, Aras, Derrick, Darren, Grant, Ashley, Dave H., Ryan, Katie, Kevin & Natrisha (builder owners), Ron Ron, Curtis, Jim Atkison

    After School Pilot Programme presented by Vaughn Warren
    (See After School Thread in the Forum for programme details)
    -Everyone likes the idea, go ahead with this pilot
    -Need to compensate Space, eventually, for shop time - $100/hr?
    -Other discussion about funding opportunities for these programmes?
    -Liability waivers

    Home School Programme presented by Aras
    -Starts in October
    -Need volunteer instructors (2 - 2 hour sessions each week)
    -Aras will confirm schedule and post

    Kevin & Natrisha (building owners)
    -Welcome to the building - love what we are doing
    -Please communicate building issues through Aras only
    -Building improvements will be ongoing - members are invited to help, as opportunity allows
    -Aras will update Forum with building updates and upcoming work
    -All MakerSpace members are appreciative of the use of the building!

    Winter preparation:
    -Tyler mentions: fix up windows so they close, new weather stripping, film on windows, curtains on some doorways, baffle fume hood and seal swamp cooler,
    -Kevin mentions that someone will look at the gutter over the shop. The old building has no insulation, new insulation in roof will help.

    Haunted House update by Nicholas
    -Cant use Grand Hall for haunted house this year - looking at retail locations.
    -LEAP will pay for rental, they will contribute props
    -TRU will pay the Makerspace
    -On Friday October 28 open for TRU students only, after which MakerSpace can run it for our own profit.
    -Discount with Food Bank donation
    -Possibly use Kamloops Arts Council retail space at Landsdowne Village
    -Possibly use Old Courthouse?
    -Orientation Day will be scheduled for Army of Darkness helpers

    Financial Report by Aras
    -$6000 in the bank
    -$1300 in donations to be deposited
    Revenue this $4309.98 Aug 11 to Sept 6
    30% is $1292, $350 Design Lab, $350 Hen Hive, $350 Craftorium
    therefore $2342.99 is October rent

    -need receipt book for laser cutter jobs

    -the concept of a Tool Fund was floated, general agreement on that, we need to make a bank account to support it.
    -Vaughn donated $20 to the tool fund.
    -Aras will open another account labeled TOOL FUND to save money for a main tool

    Art in the Dark:
    -Arts Council wants us to do it
    -Members are encouraged to participate!
    -Vaughn needs an Arduino setup for the sculpture he is making - Jim says he has a harness for that, Vaughn will approach Ron Ron and Jim and follow up.
    -Leap Motion interactive display by Darren - we will set this up at the space soon to test, Vaughn will bring LYCRA screen
    -See this thread:

    Tools etcetera:
    -A WIKI for selling unwanted tools, a central registry of all tools, including serial numbers
    -Shop coordinators will do tool records include serials for their areas and update WIKI for a good template of tool registry
    -Looking at CNC mills - discussion ensued,
    -Glass blowing and other ‘heat’ based arts and crafts discussed
    -Talking about using back area for roof and chain link fence enclosure for heat-based arts area (welding, forging, glass blowing, etc. Vaughn will make simple design for discussion and forward to Aras to take to Kevin, inspectors, etc. to begin.\

    North Kamloops Library proposal by Aras
    UnPLug and Play program
    They are looking for workshop runners for Library January 2017
    Teardown workshops for kids? Jim says this is VERY popular.

    World Rivers Day - September 25th
    Setup booth - volunteers needed

    Culture Days Sept 30 to Oct 2nd
    Setup Booth - Volunteers needed

    Thanks Yous:
    Aras thanks Vaughn for building signage
    Vaughn thanks Tyler for all his work on the MakerSpace behalf
    Pierre thanks the Crafty Crafters for getting the Craftorium going
    Ashley thanks Vaughn, Tyler, Grant and more for helping setup Craftorium
    Everyone thanks everyone for everything!

    Next meeting:
    October 13th Thursday 6pm
    Rotating chair: Tyler @fullmetalbuddha
    Notes by Vaughn

    Meeting adjourned @ 7:30pm

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